World of Tanks Wins Golden Joystick Awards

No free tanks 😦

Source: Portal

World of Tanks has won its 3rd Golden Joystick, gaining the most votes in the “Still Playing” category! It wouldn’t have been possible without our awesome and massive community of devoted players. So, here’s to you!

We’re always humbled by the energy and passion you all have for World of Tanks, and this win is a true testament to how far we’ve come together. It’s profoundly rewarding for us to see your support. Making games is a long, gruelling process and you guys are the reason we do it; you’re the fuel that keeps us going! You’ve helped guide our way through seven years of ups, downs, highs, and lows. And we’ll keep on listening to you and evolving the game we all love so much.

You guys always keep us pushing for victory, and we want to celebrate this victory with all of you. We’ve kicked off a Battle Mission—I want it all!—that gives you x2 XP for wins.

This mission will last from 18 November at 06:00 to 20 November at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).

  • Reward
  • Double experience for the battle
  • Objective
  • Win a battle
  • Place in the top 10 of your team by base XP earned

  • Restrictions
  • Only Random battles
  • Repeatable
  • Tier IV or higher
  • First Victory of the day bonus needs to be used up

33 thoughts on “World of Tanks Wins Golden Joystick Awards

  1. That’s all?,, i was expecting at least 1 or 2 free tokens for the whole for the shadow tank missions:),, that s all i need right now),, have 13 tokens for t34b,, it would be 14,, but not 15,, and i dont think wargaming would give me that only token as a gift for my vote:)


      1. That marathon mission is damn hard. To complete it u should play the game for 4-5 hours while giving up on the social life,, i think it was just a discount on those 3 tanks, as completing 10 missions enables u to buy one tank for 20 dollars (that is tokens price)


              1. Close but not that easy, out are right about, i keep winning the low tier gift tanks and since I kept all mine I get their value in gold


        1. SEA did receive compensation and orders for personal missions. You have to log in to claim before the next major patch hits. Preceding requirements of course is to have played a battle during the time when the bug was ongoing, and have at least a tier V tank.


  2. Other categories if you’re wondering:
    Lifetime Achievement Award – Sid Meier

    PC Game of the Year – Player Unknowns Battleground

    Hall of Fame – Final fantasy

    Legend of Zelda picked 2 wins


    1. Same reason idiots like you still habitually (look it up) hang around WoT sites..we like the game. Or did you just happen to meander (you prolly want to look that one up too) in here by missclicking on your usual gay (you wont need to look that one up) porn site

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry, but not the same type of game. WT is more of a simulator, WoT is pure arcade. Not defending either though, both devs did bad things with the player base.


      1. It doesn’t matter if they’re different games, one used to give free tanks for anniversary and awards to it’s player base, while the other still does sometimes for no reason.


    2. .. can’t count the amount of free tanks, items and premium time given away in Armored warfare.. latest update gives even more for free. 2 years ago, you were getting free tanks without an issue in WoT. some were not great granted.. i kept the Toldi as a reminder of hell on earth.


  3. Im crying like a girl now. Maybe well get a wallpaper for December after it was missing for this month? It would be more than i expected.


    1. So many awesome maps have been erased just for them to add mirror maps for balance purpose s which leads to nap boredom. I loved the challenge of random battles on the old maps, sometimes you got the good side sometimes not, I loved winning a battle that had me start on the bad side.


    2. Pearl river was wonderful wasn’t it. Something for everyone. Nit so great when they opened up the middle imo. Heavies ti the bridhe and meds and td the other side. I miss that map


  4. Really, who cares about another free garage slot. I got 17 of the bloomin things already.

    Plus about 52 low tier premium tanks I never play.


  5. You think it is cause of player? No comrade, our marketing commitee made this happen. So no free shit tovarish. – WG Probably.


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