ARL 44: Inaccurate Model

The ARL 44 gun mantlet is a little bit smaller ingame compared to the real tank. Thanks to Tyrexdunet for the find!


9 thoughts on “ARL 44: Inaccurate Model

  1. Funny, on the Gw Tiger HD model there is a bug where when you fully traverse the gun to the side and raise it it clips through the front plate of the superstructure.


    1. it’s funny that french tanks were now added to War Thunder as well and I thought that the mantlet looked a bit small, then I remembered this article and came check, would you believe that both WG and Gaijin made the same mistake?

      could it be possible that Gaijin extracted the model from WoT and just gave it a few “final touches” before release?
      you never know


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