Fate of the Halloween Event Tanks

They will be removed from the garage with patch 9.21. The equipment from them will be automatically removed and placed in the depot. The tanks can eventually be hidden in the garage by selecting the „reserve” status.


9 thoughts on “Fate of the Halloween Event Tanks

  1. The important question is what will happen to the crews. Will they be removed? Will we keep them? And will they become a french or another national crew and keep their voices, or will it be replaced with the standard voices.


  2. Questions:
    -What will happen to the crew? I would hate to see my crew with almoust 6th sense to dissapear 😦
    -When equipment will be automatically removed will i be charged gold?
    -Are we getting 2 free hangar slots with this?


  3. Hey Sebastian,

    just so you know, I think we got our female crew member that was promised as compensation, at least I did. And an order for the campaign missions, too. Wanted to let others know about it also. Cheers!

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