Nicknames of Inactive Users Soon Available To RU Players

From RU portal. Hopefully something like this will come to other servers too.

We have great news: World of Tanks released a lot of really cool game names. So, it’s time to check quickly whether there is among them the very one you dreamed about all your life.
Also in the news, a special widget was brought in to select a super unique game name!

* How many free nicknames are there?

Nicknames are released at the expense of inactive users. Those who registered in the World of Tanks a few years ago, but for a long time did not go into the game, and their total number of fights did not exceed a thousand. Inactive users are renamed, but not immediately. Before renaming we send them personal notifications in the Personal Area on the portal, as well as on the email with the request to authorize in the World of Tanks client in order to save a unique nickname.

Those who have not authorized themselves will receive a technical name of the type RenamedUser_x.

• For former owners of the released nicknames, the possibility of free renaming is preserved.

* In which games were nicknames released?

We only released nicknames for World of Tanks. Accounts of players in other Wargaming projects have not been renamed – even if these players did not show activity in World of Tanks.


6 thoughts on “Nicknames of Inactive Users Soon Available To RU Players

  1. So what happen to player whose name been taken, you are forced to pay gold for new name or during next login, some name screen appear again?

    Your WG account will stay safe right?


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