Bonus code for WoT – H477YH0UR2017


It contains a mission for 5x experience for a victory, doable for 5 times. You need to complete the 5x bonus for first victory, though, so it’s not stack-able. Missions activates automatically after redeeming the code.

Could be a really helpful tool if you have anything to grind, since you can repeat the missions with the same tank.


20 thoughts on “Bonus code for WoT – H477YH0UR2017

      1. really?!?! wow…. thats not fair at all, i’ve gotten at least 20k free gold and probably a dozen of premiums tier 2-7 since it started like 2 years ago… guess i dont feel bad now


  1. The code was only valid from 12.00 CET to 15.00 CET, although they previously announced it would be valid 16.00 CET. Imho that’s a double fail. For one, there was very little time to actually get this code as 12.00 CET to 15.00 CET is not exactly a time when many people play – most players will have learned of this afterwards and felt like they’ve been left out. And secondly, the error regarding the time is such a beginner’s mistake, it’s almost ludicrous. Seriously, if Wargaming *wanted* to make look itself stupid, they couldn’t do a better job.


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