9.21 Patch Estimated Release Dates

Dates are for the RU server. πŸŽ„

Registration for the competition “March of Nations” β€” 8 Nov.
Preparation of news from the WG β€” 8-9 Nov.
The official announcement from WG β€” 8-9 Nov.
Release from Supertest β€” 9 Nov.
The launch of the event “March of Nations” on November 13.
The launch of the first common test (CT) of patch 9.21 β€” 16 Nov.
Results of the prestigious Golden Joystick 2017 awardΒ  β€” November 17.
The release of the second common test (CT) patch 9.21 β€” 30 Nov.
Start of operation “Gambit” on the Global map, November 30.
The patch 9.21 WoT will come in December. Exact date is not yet known, it will be known closer to release.
WG Fest β€” 23 December (all regions, mostly RU, in Moscow/Expocentre).

The main changes are:
– FV217 will replace the FV215b (183).
– More tanks made in HD.
– And much, much more. Patchnotes will arrive later this week. Stay tuned.


22 thoughts on “9.21 Patch Estimated Release Dates

    1. I am on AT15 right now, stopped playing after I got the 215b before the switch, I will have to start playing again only problem is I ran out of premium time.


  1. The FV215b (183) is on track on the NA server from Nov. 24 to Dec. 8 so i assume atleast for the NA server the patch would atleast be sometime after dec 8th.

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          1. You are annoying and don’t understand irony. You must be really funn on parties right? Let mi guess you have thick glasses and thinking about shooting up a school?


            1. Son, you must be schizophrenic. Go to a psychologist ASAP.

              Few days ago you were whining about the germans paying you money for what they did and today you come here and post nazi slogens?


        1. I was very pleased with the optimisations on Sandbox. My only issue was that the grass on the ground had a relatively heavy hit on the FPS. If they fix that and work on the optimisation even more it will be a really nice improvement.


      1. Yeah, I think it might be Feb next year they need to change things so people with potato PCs can actually run the game. I saw people complain on the forum about the fps drop with the new maps


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