WoWS Info – 3rd November 2017

ST, ship stats changes

Changes implemented to make the gameplay more comfortable:

– T-22: main battery base firing range decreased to 9,1 km, detectability from planes decreased to 2,6 km, detectability from ships decreased to 6.5 km
– Podvoisky: reload time for the main battery decreased to 8,1 seconds
– Kirov: reload time for the main turret decreased to 13.5 seconds, initial shell velocity increased to 920 m/s
– Krasny Krym: main turret reload time is decreased to 8,1 seconds
– Nicholas: aiming angles increased for torpedo launchers, third turret on Hull B and fourth turret on Hull C when firing forward.

ST, Smoke Generator, British cruisers

Smoke generator set up time for British cruisers increased from 7 seconds to 15. This change will allow players to use the Smoke Generator more efficiently and conceal their cruisers, even if the consumable is activated at higher speeds.

ST, ship stats changes

Changes implemented to make the gameplay more comfortable:
– Iwaki Alpha: Hydroacoustic Search consumable added to a separate slot, firing range increased by 500 m;
– Arkansas Beta: firing range for the secondary armament increased to 4,5 km, its accuracy significantly boosted;…
– Chester: engine bay armor increased, close range firing accurac increased;
– Orlan: minimal redistribution of hit points across the ship’s extremities and superstructure, main turret reload time decreased to 4,3 seconds;
– Bougainville: minimal redistribution of hit points across the ship’s extremities and superstructure, max damage with HE shell increased to 1400.

ST, Defensive AA Fire efficiency

Increased efficiency of Defensive AA Fire consumable for all American and Soviet/Russian destroyers, as well as the Huang He cruiser and the Lo Yang destroyer. Now it quadruples the aura strength (previously: x3). This change is designed to bring more variety to this consumable slot.

Upcoming US Cruiser Line Rework (USN CA/CL Split):


17 thoughts on “WoWS Info – 3rd November 2017

  1. Classes:
    Tier VI “Dallas” (no clue)
    Tier VII “Helena” St Louis (1938) class
    Tier VIII Cleveland-Class
    Tier IX “Buffalo” (no clue, split deck CA) “Seattle” (no idea)
    Tier X Worchester-Class


    1. Unless someone can find documents on it, i’m gonna say the Buffalo CA was only a design or is a WG creation. 4×3 turrets, split deck, and torpedoes doesn’t exactly fit post 1940 CA design. It looks like a Baltimore with an extra turret and aforementioned attributes.


      1. What about Dallas and Seattle?
        Also, how do you navigate that site? Is there a directory that explains how to find specific drawings/pictures?


        1. That sounds more like the tier 9 to Me I think the tier 6 would look like a St Louis with only 4×3 guns and single 8×1 5inch guns like the New Orleans has
          I guess we will have to wait and see


    2. ‘What if’ ships in CL line and additional one in CA line. Just WTF? Why they’re ttrying to put ‘virtual’ Buffalo instead of Oregon City, which actually was build and comissioned? The transition between Baltimore and Des Moines would be more logical. Same story with CL line and tier IX. Why not Fargo? It’s a step ahead compared to Cleaveland and predecessor of Worcester, so why not? What stands against? The only problematic would be CL T6, since Brooklyn would be dramatically op for this place in tech tree.


      1. Because “The Oregon City-class cruisers were a modified version of the previous Baltimore-class design; the main difference was a more compact pyramidal superstructure with single trunked funnel, intended to improve the arcs of fire of the anti-aircraft (AA) guns. The same type of modification also differentiated the Cleveland and Fargo classes of light cruisers.[1]”

        It’s very possible those ship classes are already in the game when the base ship is upgraded. You notice how ships have different “hulls”…well guess what, doing so probably changes the ship from one class to the next.


        1. now this is not always the case, like with BBs CVs and DDs, but for the cruisers, historically they didn’t spend the money to refit them like they did the larger artillery ships but instead just made new classes.


  2. Since when Nicholas has a C-hull? B-hull is the only upgrade available to that ship afaik.

    Good buff to Kirov (now it’s basically the same as Molotov, but a tier lower); Krasny/Podvoisky reload is still terrible for 130mm guns (but hey, they are buffing KRASNY!!1one); T-22 could’ve used a health buff as well but improving concealment is already a good start.


  3. Time to dig up my copy of Norman Friedman’s book on U.S. Cruisers to get some sense of what this USS “Dallas” is all about. I vaguely remember something that looked a lot like a “Salt Lake City” with six-inch guns; though if they introduced a flight-deck cruiser that would be equally fascinating and horrifying!.


    1. name can not exactly match, there are few options:
      Improved Omaha (general improvements + all guns placed in turrets 4×2)
      one of Brooklyn proposals or prototypes.
      or something new.


  4. No idea on US cruisers history but in-game Cleveland will share tier with Baltimore ???
    So I guess only the name will remain from tier VI Cleveland. I wonder how it will be buffed to play with Chapayev or Mogami 🙂


  5. Buffalo: had a 1940 build but was part of the Cleveland Series and wasnt finished: Cancelled, 16 December 1940
    The other was the CL-110: The Fargo-class cruisers were a modified version of the previous Cleveland-class cruiser design

    Helena: USS Helena (CA-75), a Baltimore-class heavy cruiser, was the third ship of the United States Navy to be named for the city of Helena, Montana. Armament: 9 × 8-inch/55 caliber guns

    Dallas was a CA-140 & 150 both of which were cancelled.

    Worcester Class: The Worcester class was a class of light cruisers used by the United States Navy, laid down in 1945 and commissioned in 1948-49. They and their contemporaries, the Des Moines-class heavy cruisers, were the last all-gun cruisers built for the U.S. Navy.
    carrying 12 guns, 6″ Inch, in six turrets, three forward and three aft, with only turrets 3 and 4 superfiring.


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