WoT Supertest – Province Rework

First we see the 1st variant, and from 2:30 we can see the 2nd variant. Both maps variants have a size increase from 600×600 meters to 1 km x 1 km.





16 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Province Rework

  1. what is the point of showing us the \”supertest maps\” ?
    Since 2014 these maps get to the supertest server and since 2015 no new map has been implemented to the game

  2. For months the execs have been telling us \”no new maps before HD transition\”. Suddenly, NEW MAPS. Either HD is coming very soon or not for a very long time. A little explanation would be nice from the Minsk guys.

    1. You do know new maps are tested 100% of the time. And have been even after HD maps was started. As making a map deign layout without textures, details, lighting or anything to make it work in game. And adding details and making it work with a hitbox, and adding better light effect and shading etc is not done by the same crew. It\’s the last part that is working on HD maps now. Not the crew designing them. Basically they can\’t finalize maps to add them. As they lack crews for that. Not designing them.

    2. HD is pretty far along. The team that makes HD maps is not the team that actually plans out map gameplay/flow; that\’s why the graphics here are poor (with their tools this took all of one week to model, and that\’s assuming they didn\’t know the layout beforehand)

  3. or they can do both let the map guys make new ones while the graphics department HDs old ones,

    1. Also T-43 will be removed, all other tanks in the branch will be moved down a tier and the new Tier X will be the T-62 with the 115mm smoothbore gun

  4. Super test only
    means nothing just words like so many other \’super test maps\’ weave all heard it before

    WG = lies and more lies at times

  5. If I were providing feedback: I would iterate hard on the 2nd variant such that it has a bit more freedom of movement and action (the additional map size is not represented in gameplay; it would take place in the middle 4 columns of the map), so some action would have to be taken to stretch out the engagement ranges to avoid the Mittengard problem of being a bloodbath. On the other hand, some actions were taken to break up lines of sight and fire, and that provides opportunities for players to actually play as opposed to the \”wait and snipe\” gameplay of old Province.

    Meanwhile, cap is virtually impossible to take on variant 1, and there\’s little room to safely move around or even play–it\’s a sniper\’s map with few good sniping spots, which I suppose is more like the original (is that the intention?).

  6. it looks very similar to the original province….

    but let\’s hope they bring back North West, Port, and Komarin.

  7. I cant believe people are not outraged that its another generic map with shit field plotted in the middle making 70% of the map useless corner humping… fuck these devs are retarded…. it feels nice quiting this garbage game with no future.

    1. First time poster here and yea I agree with you. This is useless BS with this map. they could have just brought in all of the older maps and be done with it.
      But no. These fuxking retards won\’t do that. But they will try to sell you a Goldie tank and then stealth nerf it later…

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