World Of Tanks 2 Is Not Happening

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Wargaming is taking the games-as-a-service approach instead.

World of Tanks continues to be one of the biggest games on the planet in terms of players. According to Wargaming’s latest count, the game had 130 million players on PC alone. Given the immense success of the game over the past seven years, you might have expected Wargaming to make a sequel. That hasn’t happened, and it sounds like it’s not going to.

Speaking today at PAX Aus on the GameSpot Theatre stage, Wargaming regional publishing director Alex de Giorgio was asked directly if World of Tanks 2 was in the cards. “World of Tanks 2? No,” de Giorgio said.

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He added that Wargaming sees World of Tanks as a games-as-a-service title, one that the studio continually updates and expands upon. That being the case, there won’t be a sequel coming out anytime soon, if it ever happens at all.

“It’s this constant evolution; that’s been the hallmark of the game,” de Giorgio explained, adding that a sequel to World of Tanks “doesn’t really make sense to us.”

Wargaming’s stance matches pretty closely with what Psyonix has said about Rocket League and what Brendan Greene said of his uber-popular game PUBG. In each case, the developers said they will continue to update and evolve their games with regular content instead of putting out a sequel right away.

The games-as-a-service model is an approach that many developers use. Continuing to support a title gives players a reason to stay in the game and spend money. For a game like World of Tanks, which is free-to-play, in-game microtransactions are critical. Some developers argue that the free-to-play is democratic and good for games it forces developers to create compelling content. If they don’t, people might walk away.

In other World of Tanks news, Wargaming is launching a local server for the game in Australia and New Zealand on November 1.

37 thoughts on “World Of Tanks 2 Is Not Happening

    1. I do not see them mentioning active players in the article.
      \”the game HAD 130 million players\”

      1. There was never 130 million players, it was always 130 million accounts. This includes the massive number of re-rolls that people create because they aren\’t good and are trying to weasel their way to good stats.

        1. Rerolls are insignificant for that statistic. I think you forgot 95% of the playerbase is terrible at the game and doesn\’t give a shit about their stats.
          Also big amount of those 130 mil were players with very low amount of battles, who never even had a chance to reroll.

  1. imo, WG should try find the way to implement coldwar-era tanks and modern tanks (tier XI -> XV) with brand new mechanics (like ATGM, ERA armor….) in WoT, just separate it with tier X tanks and below (or at least let tier X have MM+1 vs. coldwar-era tanks (tier XI)).

    1. Nobody in their right mind would start playing WoT 2 if they\’ve spent a lot of their time and money on WoT 1.

      There is a shitton of potential in WoT 1 which WG could make use of if they don\’t want to drive the game into the ground.

        1. Personally I wouldn\’t pay money to WG if they killed off WoT 1.0 and released WoT 2.0. I\’m more inclined to pay to them if they continued improving WoT 1.0.

          Also if they kill off WoT 1.0 why should any of the oldtimer WoT 1.0 players spend their time on and pay for Wot 2.0 if it will be killed off as well in the future?

          1. WG is a very sneaky company, you\’ll have to admit it Therealisnes, they always find a way to make things good for them. Imagine you get an E.X.C.L.U.S.I.V.E. invitation for WOT 2.0 and WG will mirror your progress in WOT, meaning you\’ll have researches as many tech trees as you have in WOT, and you\’ll get a WOT 2.0 Type 59 -> Armata for free. Yes I know Uncle Serb is having a heart attack reading this, but for much less, many players will go for WOT 2.0. I\’ve invested 5 years in WOT, I wasted a shit-ton of money and I don\’t want WOT 2.0 to happen, but I believe it will…

  2. Pretty sure WoT is dying. Destroyed by useless weekend warriors, bots, poor mm and generally unpleasant western EU player base who team-kills, spams the chat with racism and hatred. A dedicated PL server should be next logical step for WG so the elite can play without being dragged down….

    1. so you complaint about racism and instantly claims polish people are either the culprits or the masterrace? lol… You\’re so epic mr. pawel

    2. The polish community is just as bad as the western EU one. Its the game that breeds toxicity and it would be up to WG to do something about it, but they dont want to put in the effort.
      A few times I sent a ticket with screenshots of someone calling me out terrible stuff and their reply was basically we are not gonna do anything, just give the dude a 24 hour ban, second time a week and after that every time a week. That will learn them to stop doing it.

      I wouldnt even ask them to hunt down players themselves just do something with players getting reported WITH evidence.
      Another thing that might help as well is introduce a more casual mode (although you need to be good to do well) where everyone can be somewhat usefull like AWs Global OPs, cause getting clipped by a T57 firing HEAT isnt much fun for anyone and with some respawns you can at least get revenge.

      1. ..I do not think it is the game that breeds toxicity. It may be easier to vent some of the frustration in the convenient anonymity of the profile nick, but the game is not deciding if you are actually going to be an ass or whether you can take it and move on. Yes, it is not nice reading those posts by people with anger management problem (or perhaps they\’re using the game exactly with the aim to discharge..), but the game is generally not making you an idiot – you have to be one to start with. Saying this, yes, I also did suffer a few mental breakdowns that probably cost me some reports and blacklistings, but I am not proud of it. If the worst comes to the worst you can always switch off the battle-chat. All toxicity gone in a click.
        As for the Polish server – yes, please. Do that. Allow PL only. But also forbid PL from migrating anywhere else. Do it for a year or so. That would be an interesting social experiment.

        1. An experiment yes – but at a risk of MM not having enough players to shuffle around in a balanced manner

    3. @Pawel, the biggest problem with WoT is the amount of PL shitters, like you, that infect the EU1 and, to a lesser extent, EU2 servers. So I agree with you, let the Polocks have their own server. The sooner we remove the PL potatoes from EU1 and EU2 the better…

    4. You mean those unpleasant western EU people that are funding the development of your former Soviet country with their EU tax money? You should be more humble.

      And don\’t be ignorant, the Polish players are infamous for being bad at the game, teamkilling and shit like that. I don\’t get where your national pride is coming from.

  3. IMO it makes so much more sense to put WoT 2.0 into the same client using the same game mechanics… Upgrading game client and having ww2 tanks not using the new technology makes much more sense to me.
    This ofcourse will have to follow a gaming standard to make sure client doesn\’t break down computer harddrives when installing.

    1. @Thomas Nielsen – oh my we got a business master here..hows your worldwide gaming company doing?…seriously gtfo son and stop making a fool of yourself.

  4. \”World of Tanks continues to be one of the biggest games on the planet in terms of players\”


    Bitch please.

  5. The biggest problems in WoT:
    Unbalanced vehicles including: OP TDs, OP MTs, OP Premiums; the lack of specialization of each roll (MTs, HTs, TDs all share similar view ranges as LTs); an \”RNG\” algorithm that is completely bi-polar and has no true mean; and XVM which spawns and spreads toxicity like a cancer which has caused the community to not want to work together.

    MM isn\’t as bad as everyone says. People need to look at the \”RNG\” Algorithm and see that it is the culprit behind the one sided games as it tries to create the \”balanced\” game that WG says WoT is.

    1. Also: no new maps, outdated physics/graphics, poor quality audio and audio balancing, and the terrible map design that has been pushed on the community over the last several years.

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