List of SD Tanks left

There are 17 tanks not converted to HD left in the client, those being:

  •  USA: T25 AT, T25/2, T28
  •  France: AMX 40, Somua SAU 40, S35 CA
  • USSR: SU-14-2, ST-1
  • Germany: StuG III Ausf. B, VK 45.02 Ausf. B
  • UK: Light Mk. VIC, FV207
  •  China: T-34-2, 110, WZ-120
  •  Japan: Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu, Type 61

Also, it is worth noting that the Halloween event was popular on the RU server too, managing to bring the number of players at the same time to 606105.

26 thoughts on “List of SD Tanks left

  1. HOW DARE THEY LEAVE THE DUCK TANK TO ONE OF THE LAST TANKS! Grab your pitch folks and torches! For tonight we quack in hell!

    1. Except T25, T25/2, SU-14-2, ST-1, 45.02B, 110, and Type 61 are not unpopular tanks.

  2. With all vehicles in HD they finally can add the armor viewer to the client like in WoWs where they reworked and updated all the models before adding the armor viewer 😀

  3. Well I recon it will take them only one update to change them all or maybe leave ST-1 for last as they change the top tier soviet heavy branches to have 3 tier Xs with the lines being IS-3 -> Obj.257-> IS-7 ; IS-3 -> IS-4 -> T-10 (as the last two may swap positions) and KV-4 -> ST-1 -> ST-2 with the two guns which proved to work with the halloween event

  4. they said they will reHD the first vehicles that received the HD treament back in 2014 cause they look outdated

    1. They have already redone some of them iirc, think the Tiger was one of them. Reason why they wanted it is simple. The current models have been laser scanned if they have a real life tank out there somewhere. And WG did it in house. The first few models were outsourced to several other companies to speed it up. So they were not made the same way, had some differences etc vs tanks with the same hull, and some looks like they are less detailed then others. So they wanted all to be the same, and done the same way.

    2. that\’s totally bullshit because the old panther model was higher quality than the new one, they\’re going back over because the HD textures take up too much space (they were cancelled after the first 2 batches)

  5. No post about the 2nd Soviet TD branch \”rework\”? The Obj 268 V4? RIP Obj 263

      1. My bad. It slipped right through my fingers, even tho I usually come around to check the blog for news multiple times a day.

  6. I\’m not surprised the T28 is one of the last tanks, WG really should figure out how they can fix the huge fail they made by introducting a totally fake tank under the name of T28.

    This is one of the most painful mistake because the ordinary WoT players learnt this tank from the game and think T28 and T95 are two different tanks while this is not true at all, they are exactly the same vehicle just 1 year later T95 GMC got renamed to T28 super heavy tank, that\’s all.
    Whenever a real photo comes up about T28/95 the \”wot experts\” keeps coming and claim that is T95 the T28 doesn\’t have double track and other nonsenses…

    1. \”Even more comical is the situation with the other vehicle, more known as T28. They[WG] \”invented\” it by simply removing additional tracks from T95. As it often happened, the \”made up\” vehicle was later discovered in NARA. It turned out there were at least seven different variations of T28/T95, but only one was built\”

  7. This seems like a few too many tanks to convert to HD in one patch so I hypothesize there will be at least one more patch before we see HD maps.

  8. And this is what players keep doing wrong. WG creates fun game mode with crap rewards -> players play it just to have fun -> WG thinks that it\’s ok to make gamemodes with crap rewards :/

    1. I doubt they will replace any of these. Replacements so far is not because they are fake or undermining. As line consistency is more vital now. And none of these are the odd one out. Like the 183B is, that suddenly goes from a non turreted branch having a turret on tier X etc.

  9. ST-1 already have HD model, WG just not release it yet (leaked in March 2017, FB Live Q&A with Dev, along with current XM551 model)

  10. And all the problematic lines/tanks (like T28, VKB and ST-I) are still left in SD because WG probably do not know yet, what to do with them.

  11. -\”Also, it is worth noting that the Halloween event was popular on the RU server too, managing to bring the number of players at the same time to 606105\”
    Just a reminder that in 2013-2014 the average daily peak was higher than that, and the all time peak is over 1 million.

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