Wargaming Branded Racing Car

It’s the second time WG brands a racing car.


We are looking at the Cypriot team “Galatariotris Rally Team” with whom a partnership agreement was signed and also supported by the company. The car, a Skoda Fabia R5 is under the management of the Cypriot pilots involved in the ERC (European Rally Championship), organized by the International Federation of Motor Racing – FIA), as well as arranging races in the Rally of Cyprus. The team consists of Antonis Chilimindris and Panico Kiriakou (Αντώνη Χειλιμήντρη & Πανίκο Κυριάκου).


The car painting was completed at the beginning of this month.

The promotion and execution were the responsibility of the Polish company Abstraxi Design – a modern interactive agency that specializes in developing effective advertising for companies in motorsports since 2007 in many motorsport categories.







15 thoughts on “Wargaming Branded Racing Car

  1. Why doesn\’t it surprise me that it\’s a shety Skoda and not aa Ferrari or Lamborghini. Cheap shet wargayming monkeyfockers.

      1. That aside, I think the art on the car is a little… bland? Like, sure, I get the metal feel they\’re going for here but in a rally environment it feels like it doesn\’t belong for some reason.

    1. Well to be fair, Skoda has been in the Rally game longer then most. And one of the few that beat the 4 wheeled monster Mitsubishi had in the late 90\’s. And they have won APRC division more then anyone the last 10 years…. So I would not call them… cheap.

      Tho Ferrari don\’t invest in WRC. There are still Ferrari cars racing in other rally leagues. 360, 308 and 488 group B and classic heat rally cars are out and about. So they can do it, but none of them are doing it on a big scale, or in any big divisions for WG to invest in it I suspect.

    1. And how about HP modules? Does it go up in flames when shot at? Can it get ammoracked?

  2. not gonna lie i actually think that livery looks pretty good. if i was playing a rally game and had this car as an option i wouldnt have a problem with using it. although when i think of skoda my brain immediately thinks white and green livery but i like this too.

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