WoWS Coming on Steam – More Info

From Sub_Octavian:

-The game will be absolutely the same, no difference here.

-We do plan to implement achievements, as well as collectibles, but not with the initial release. Please follow our future patch notes 🙂

-Unfortunately, you cannot link other accounts to Steam. World of Warships wasn’t initially designed as a cross-platform project. That means that if you’ve played the game already you would want to keep using the original client. If you log in using Steam, you automatically create a new game account, which binds to your Steam account. All updates to the game installed using Steam client will also be downloaded and installed through Steam. Same is true for the original client: you can not update a Game Center or launcher installation through Steam and vice versa.

-All new players from Steam will use Steam client for updates and Steam account for log in – no additional installs/accounts will be required.

-All existing players with WGID will use WGC/WoWs Launcher for updates and WGID for log in – the same, no additional installs/accounts will be required.

-However, these two procedures cannot be mixed – so, existing players won’t be able to link WGID to Steam and use it for updates and login.

-For the new Steam players, everything will be quite seamless and with as few clicks as possible. However, we won’t be able to link the existing accounts – although, I’d not say launching from standalone WGC is bad either. So, Steam procedure will remain for Steam and WGC procedure will remain for WGC, they won’t be mixed. P.S. WoWs Steam payments will be done via in-game shop, with Steam wallet. P.P.S. No – at the start you won’t be able to login to web WG prem shop with Steam account.

-There will be more tutorial info with Steam release. Tutorial mission rework is WIP for now. Mentorship is a very interesting topic, and I was going to discuss it with my colleagues.

-The prices will stay exactly the same independent of which platform you play on.

-The Steam intergration will be pretty strong here – as simple as possible for the user. However, this is for the new players – it won’t be possible to link existing WoWs and Steam accounts.

6 thoughts on “WoWS Coming on Steam – More Info

  1. Not enough players play WoWs.
    WG tries to gather more players steam, without making the game better.
    I think WG will fail…..

  2. What\’s the point of bringing it to steam if the accounts aren\’t shared? To inflate account numbers? Dumb WG is dumb

      1. Not giving players who have played the game the ability to use steam services and the ability to migrate their accounts to steam is dumb.

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