WoT Console – War Stories : Kennedy’s War

Enjoy 🙂


10 thoughts on “WoT Console – War Stories : Kennedy’s War

    1. Lol @ all the butthurt Muricans in the comment section “hurr durr we didn’t start it hurr durr”…
      You do realize that War Stories are supposed to be a freaking alternate history?


  1. Kennedy saved the americans of it’s worst failure…
    It is assured that Cuba had at the stage of the embargo no short and middle range nukes for the rockets, but cuba HAD some tactical nukes, less than 30kt but enough to blast away every starting invasion.
    And as agressor, the USA would have than to think about the response… full nuke back and risk that the soviets do the same, or live with this defeat in shame!

    Kennedy was the best president possible at this time, he bought an option where everybody could go out with his head up!
    A Trump in this time and I think I wouldn’t be now…


    1. Trump’s bravado is miscommunicated by media because either the media hates him because he’s not their political party, or the media knows that exaggerating things is what sells headlines. Trump could buy a bagel. Media would spin it to “Trump hates anti-gluten protesters” or “Trump buys $15 bagel” or “Trump flashes his 1% status by openly buying extravagant foods”

      Don’t believe everything you read from 1 biased source.


      1. Exaggerating…
        Yeah that’s what he can do. To get better deals? Yeah first threaten a country and all of their people with full destruction and than get a better deal!
        Problem is… what if they don’t want that deal, what if there fly really bombs? What if china intervents in this scenario… Trump is always on this, no one can touch US, and that way could we dictate all deals. He doesn’t think about plan B, that’s why many of his companies went bancrupt, he knows just full win, or full lost, only win, or loose, nothing between!
        But that’s not how the world runs, world runs on compromises. He works hard to isolate the US and isolation doesn’t help an exporting nation!


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