WoWS Info – 16th October 2017

ST, Pan-Asian destroyers

All of the upgradable destroyers had their smoke screens changed. The stats are now equal for all the tiers.

Set up time – 40 seconds;…
Active time – 60 seconds;
Reload – 90 seconds for standard и 60 for premium equipment;
Charges – 4 for standard and 5 for premium equipment.

Decreased reload time lets these destroyer captains use the smoke screens to efficiently retreat in case of unsuccessful combat with an enemy destroyer. Also, there is a possibility to conceal one’s ship while firing at the enemy. As a part of our balancing effort we decreased the active time for the smoke, increased the set up time and decreased the overall number of charges.

Update 0.6.12

New standard camouflage – Type “59”:
Reduces ship detectability by 3%;
Decreases the firing accuracy of the enemy by 4%;…
Increases the amount of XP earned per battle by 200%;
Cost: 125 Doubloons.


ST, Pan-Asian destroyers

Following destroyers had their torpedo stats changed:

LongJiang Tier II – torpedo range is increased to 8400 m (from 5010), detectability is increased to 1.1 (from 0.6);
Phra Ruang Tier III- torpedo range is increased to 7320 m (from 5010), velocity decreased by 1 knot (now 51 from 52), detectability increased to 1.1 (from 0.7);
ShenYang Tier IV -torpedo range is increased to 6390м (from 5490), velocity is increased by 1 knot (to 51 from 52), detectability increased to 1.1 (from 0.7).

These changes are designed to increase the chance to hit a battleship with torpedoes and appropriately decrease efficiency against cruisers.

ST, Pan-Asian destroyers

Yueyang Tier X – Surface detectability increased from 7.02 to 7.42 km.

Changes to the destroyers’ main batteries:

JianWei Tier V – main battery reload time decreased to 8 seconds(from 10), rotation speed is increased to 10 degrees a second (from 8).

This is designed to balance the ship’s main turret compared to the same tier ships.

ST, Tier VI Pan-Asian cruiser Huang He

Spread angle for torpedoes is set at 2,7 degrees (0.9 degrees per shell);
Torpedo Reload booster is added to the Hydroacoustic Search slot;
Main turet reload time is decreased from 7.5 to 7.0 seconds;
Main turret rotation speed is increased from 6 to 7 degrees per second.

These changes will improve the main turret capability and will allow the cruiser to use the torpedoes more efficiently.

ST, New Ship Collision sound