Sandbox Server is Online

Apply here:


17 thoughts on “Sandbox Server is Online

    1. Download the new sandbox launcher if you haven’t already. This only applies if you have participated in other SB tests and have an older launcher installed already.

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  1. Sandbox server
    it crashes at the opening Battle screen
    that’s all you see
    then 1 team (mine) 1 by 1 are killed with zero enemy killed
    you cannot see hear or do anything, except the load company screen

    at end of battle?
    your entire team scored zero in anything (sitting stationery like ducks
    Enemy team has huge damage and kills (all enemy survived

    like WTF!
    jeez WG get your shit together
    its not like this has never happened before, it has so often

    disappointing not!

    I have a 2 year old gaming PC with a Ge Force GTX 960 and intel I7 3.7ghz, 32 gig memory
    so its NOT me .


    1. This is what the Sandbox server is about. For some reason your system is arguing with the game client and you should report it as such.

      WG is trying to get their shit together and posts like this aren’t helping. Go tell them the issues you’re running into, but search for similar issues first.


  2. ATM only T1 battles are Functioning anything about is a Hit and miss and will not load battle. Testing ive done shows amazing improvements to FPS in game i was Hitting 170fps with Every thing on Ultra with ocasional drops to 130´s , I think this new DX11 will be amazing for every one.


  3. Love the sandbox, issues with x battles loading but i got some games where every body spawned correctly. After the third game I stopped racing too red spawn points. Maps looks amazing. GG WG


  4. My Windows 10 tablet can run it on LOW graphics setting- which is really pretty amazing considering it isn’t designed for games. They’ve done a good job making it accessible to low performance machines.


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