WoT To Arrive on Nintendo Switch

World of Tanks is certainly one of the biggest shareware games of recent years. In addition to the PC, it started successfully and is present on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox for the last two generations. According to senior game designer of Wargaming Darold Higa, if the platform meets certain requirements, then there is a strong chance of releasing World of Tanks on it. Therefore, the release of the game on the Nintendo Switch is just a matter of time.

💬 “Everybody always ask me this question, and it’s not like we have a few “switches” in the office, just World of Tanks is a shareware game, so we first need to make sure that a large number of people is interested in it. Nintendo Switch has to achieve first a certain number of users before we put it on the agenda. Due to the fact that we do not sell a retail product, we need a large number of players to implement the project on the platform. It’s just an economic issue. That’s why our team is constantly closely monitoring the numbers,” explained Higa in an interview with GameTM (Source: Wccftech).

Perhaps it will happen very soon, because recent news tell that Nintendo increased the supply of the Switch with up to 2 million units per month in order to meet the high demand.

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid game console developed by Nintendo. When undergoing development, it was codenamed “Nintendo NX”, it was demonstrated in October 2016 and released worldwide on March 3, 2017.

Nintendo Switch is considered a “hybrid” console. It is designed mainly as a home console and the main unit is inserted in the docking station to connect to the TV. Alternatively, it can be removed from the docking station and used in a similar fashion to a tablet PC by using the LCD touchscreen or installed in the standalone desktop mode, by which multiple people can play.


12 thoughts on “WoT To Arrive on Nintendo Switch

    1. They’ll probably just port the Steam/Windows 10 version of blitz onto the system.

      Or just port the game but have it run on low graphics for 60 FPS or 30 FPS with high quality Like they did for fire emblem warriors.

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        1. Sure, thats why every other platform gets solid Monster Hunter and Switch gets some tiny kiddie version. Dont kid yourself. Switch has hardware comparable to a mid shelf smartphone.


    2. WoT isn’t exactly Crysis. It doesn’t take much to get it to run well. Plus, since they have the exact specs of every system, they’ll be able to optimize it better.


    3. You forget that wot was designed from the ground up to run on russian toasters. Besides if Bethesda can get DOOM 2016 and wolfenstein 2 to run on it there should be nothing stopping WG from porting a version of Wot to the switch.


  1. well, even if I do not like playing on consoles (owing an Wii but only seldom using it except with the kids) because playing “shooters” with a controller is just plain bad if you are used to mouse+keyboard:

    very well – one more console is wellcome for sure. would be interesting, if the Switch-players share the same server with XBoxO and PS4 (I don’t know if PS4 and XBox play together, too)?

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  2. I’d like to see world of wartanks on switch. If the Xbox 360 can handle it so can the switch. Stop being a fanboy and bashing a System that Isn’t PlayStation or Xbox


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