WoT – Minsk Extra Sandbox Server Tidbits

Extra tidbits about the Sandbox Server:

Our friendly Asia Community Contributor had the opportunity to play test the HD Map sandbox server before launch. He would like to share some of his thoughts on the HD Maps Sandbox.

Please make sure to check out his Facebook page and Twitch channel:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matchyhkwot/

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/matchyhk


  1. The HD maps are very beautiful. Once you are loaded into the game, you will appreciate the effort made by WG.


  1. Some of the maps might be a bit too bright for players, the community contributors that were invited to play test them in Minsk has mentioned about the issue. However, WG would like players to give more feedback on the visual art style of the maps as well as performance issues.

  1. During the play test, it is obvious that some of the climbing spots were removed, due to slight change in textures and terrains, however some of the goating positions still exists. Wargaming would like to hear more feedback about those positions and report to them about the issues on the Sandbox forum.


  1. The gravity settings on the sandbox is a bit weird, players might flip their tanks more than what they used to on the live server (We have a lot of “traffic accidents” when we were play testing). Wargaming is aware of the issue and will tweak it later. Please make sure to send feedback on the sandbox forum as well.


  1. There is a rework of the shell tracers. The new shell traces visually look more realistic. Does not look like lasers anymore.


  1. Some of the locations are slightly rework on the HD maps sandbox:


  • Steppes north spawn toward 890 line terrain was slightly reworked – players will be more exposed to enemy sniper fire than on the live server (please make sure to send feedback about this issue on the sandbox forum)
  • Steppes 90 line has a small stream now.
  • Steppes 123 line (aka heavy tank line) is now flooded with water – it is still accessible, during the testing, the terrain resistance doesn’t seem to have change.
  • There is a Gustav Railroad gun outside the border of the North Spawn
  • Cliff climbing spots were removed.
  • Cliff sniper nest in F2 and K5/6 were reworked (F2 spot has no more hard cover anymore, K5/6 sniper has some terrain changes)
  • Malinovka has bushes moved as well
  • Murovanka – the magical forest seems to have more trees than before