Exclusive: WoT – HD Map Preview

Vid by MatchyHK, our friendly SEA CC.

Please make sure to check out his Facebook page and Twitch channel:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matchyhkwot/

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/matchyhk


10 thoughts on “Exclusive: WoT – HD Map Preview

    1. well, at least the devs said that as the overhauled the complete engine, the performance should be comparable to what it is now.

      so as long as you can play right now, you SHOULD be fine.

      but they stated also that they are thinking about raising minimum requirements in one or two years. so you better start keeping some money in the stash …


  1. Steppes and El Haluf looks better and map improvements as well, about time, looks very nice.

    HD Maps – shame all the rest are still the same corridor or wide open design, still small size with corridors
    the same old, as before, go to the same boring kill zones everywhere – now we can all die in pretty scenery

    – of course the on-purpose broken MM (Tier 8 especially) and shit arty clickers still around .. for campers? and gold spam, and with endless T8 Premiums every week

    – so regards the actual gameplay same old, same old Maps with built-in 4 minute 1 sided slaughters to look forward to


    1. Indeed, what is shown definitely looks superb!

      A polished turd will still be just a turd. Especially if the lasting issues are not addressed and ‘fixed’.


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