War Thunder – The Shooting Range #64



3 thoughts on “War Thunder – The Shooting Range #64

  1. you know that a game developer hit rock bottom in terms of credibility when their company releases a video promoting the use of a broken and more than verified pay-to-win game mechanic, they really did not think things through about the possible impact the addition of those paid “decorations” would have in the game
    a Zis-30, Hetzer, M18, ASU-57, ASU-85, T92, etc.. are tanks that become extremely OP if you carefully place a few bushes and branches on top of it, if they are not moving and you are not looking for it (a tank behind fake foliage) it becomes almost impossible to see them before they kill you
    those “decorations are as pay-to-win as the T29, IS-6 and Ru-251


  2. Fuking Russian twats – so all the changes to the FV4002 T8 Premium MT stats are now back to before, no turret buff? no 650hp engine

    Shows the complete and utter contempt those Russian shits have for the British nation line, while the Russian nation line just gets more and more bufs and OP by the month


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