vBAddict.net Update

Originally Posted by Phalynx.eu:

Some good news in this. I’ve found someone who will continue to run vBAddict as it is. More details will follow. At least for the first time I will stay as an external consultant and help out if required.


16 thoughts on “vBAddict.net Update

  1. I’d like remind everyone how much of a blessing this is, and how we’ve taken vbaddict for granted. This is the site that allows us to cross-check developer’s claims which, I’m sure we know all too well, is often loaded with utter nonsense (*ehm* defender not OP *ehm*).

    Vbaddict basically serves as the check-and-balance, like how government has parliament to keep the cabinet in tabs, otherwise the cabinet can do whatever they want

    In the same fashion, without a check-and balance, the dev can just do whatever they want, make OP tank for money, and claim it’s not OP, or cramming other nonsense down our throat without us ever knowing whether it’s true or not

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    1. lol so gullible.. and it’s not as if vbaddict can do the same as WG and spout shite. Why so many kids these days happy to believe something just because ‘it’s on the internet’…oh and btw I have a bridge I’d like to sell you…..

      Seriously it’s idiots like you that keeps politicians in jobs.


      1. To be fair, he wasn’t entirely wrong, it’s better to have two sources rather than just one from the devs themselves, and the players could at least make an appeal for it, remember the defender was finally taken out of prem shop because people complained about it, might not always work, but at least there’s a data to make your case with

        also, here in scandinavian countries the system works, and although we do believe politicans are no saints, we do prefer to have them around than not, so we don’t consider ourselves idiots for keeping them in jobs, albeit I do understand that your experience may vary depending on the country you live in


        1. The only issue is that the only data VBaddict receives is from those players who choose to upload their replays/results. VBaddict, IMO, is best used to check your own results against what WG is telling us. The community really needs to stop using specific results as a blanket example (don’t call a spec of dirt a dirty floor).

          Personally, I’ve used VBaddict as a means to prove that WG is using biased RNG against those who have higher WRs. For example, my M48 Patton’s avg dmg is coming closer to 340 than the listed 390, excluding any kill shots that don’t show at least avg dmg (because if a kill shot cannot be proved to be my missing high rolls then it is not viable data).


          1. Good maybe they will do a few adjustments, and keep it running. It will keep us from being at the “Clutches” of that perverted Mad House WOT LABS that Trolls the entire community every vindictive way it can.
            While Never has just sat back an thrown it into auto pilot and done nothing. The community is infested with WG Employees who have no business over there to begin with and it reeks of collusion with WG office staff which have no business there. Catering too the Click, the in crowd of big clans, and office connections. Its about the most perverted sick place you can run into and is run like a Gestopo.
            So, if Vbaddict can hold on all the better. The employees being over there are like the cops hanging out with the drug lords their supposed to be on the beat trying to catch. Kinda stinks in regards to the policy, “We as WG have nothing to do with 3rd party stat sites etc.” I mean really. Talk about hypocrisy


  2. This is really good news!

    Bad news is that wotlabs (from 1/10-17) won’t list players who have a wr under 54% and wn8 under 1500. Because of server costs. Only new accounts or rerolls will be allowed. Rather drastic.


    1. Well then, it is time for stat padding. How much will it take me to teach these milestones as I am currently at 1020 WN8 and ~49.8% WR for ~13.3k battles and have 1500+ recent WN8 and ~58% recent WR


    2. This isn’t true. Wotlabs was just being wotlabs (male genitals) and trolled a guy asking why his WN8 didn’t show up. There was a problem with the account IDs on WGs end so accounts didn’t show up, and since WoTLabs is a very large server it normally takes a day before it gets back to normal..

      Wotlabs took this opportunity to be troll everyone asking about it and wanted to see how far the rumour would spread


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