KongZhong – Burger King Collaboration

In China, for the first time, Burger King and World of Tanks (KongZhong) have opened a fully branded fast food restaurant in the style of World of Tanks. If you remember, Burger King has collaborated in the past with WoT, though only in CIS countries. The themed two floor restaurant is located in the Shanghai shop “Wujiaochang”.

In it, you can eat and buy merch of your favorite tanks, as well as (according to the campaign) get a special promo card. Just look at the tank exhibits!

And finally, by getting the Burger King China special combo set (or buying separately), you can obtain the Burger King decals and other specials. The unique inscriptions on the tank in the game are intended only for China, to our dismay.

More pictures:


16 thoughts on “KongZhong – Burger King Collaboration

  1. I’ll have 2 premium tanks, a gold bundle large, a premium tank bundle with extra gold, 2 packages of gold, one with credits and a large soda.

    Pls tell me someone gets this reference

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  2. Burger king is a fraud just like WG. They dont grill their burgers either, they just fry them and press a metal grill on so it should look like it have been grilled on coal. The fueking burgers dont even have that charcoal taste like bbq food do.


  3. Here in my country wi only go burger king to snatch wallet from wasted tourists hehe easy money. And if tourists are german we also touch girls ass n boobs…


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