War Thunder – Object 120 “Taran”

Today we’re going to tell you about another premium rank V ground vehicle in update 1.71 New E.R.A – the experimental Soviet SPG Object 120 “Taran”, with the longest and possibly the most powerful cannon in the game!

An experimental development from Ural designers with the factory designation Object 120 was created on the cusp between two different tank weaponry eras, when traditional World War II armour-piercing and high-explosive shells started to be replaced en masse by more successful types of ammunition – modern HEAT shells, fin-stabilized APCR shells, guided rockets and so on. A wealth of developments in the destruction of enemy tanks was brought to life in the Object 120 SPG, which was developed under the codename “Taran” (Battering Ram).
This wonderful SPG’s main feature and ace in the hole is its smoothbore 152 mm M-69 cannon with a length of almost 11 metres. When it was made, this cannon was the most powerful and longest in the world. The gigantic weapon has a choice of three types of ammunition – fin-stabilized HEAT shells, APCRs and heavy incendiaries weighing 43.5 kg. At the same time, its range reaches 3,500 meters. The SPGs ammunition complement amounts to 22 individually loaded shells in a drum-style mechanized ammunition rack.
A specially developed chassis drives the Taran. The same chassis was used later on several other Soviet SPGs and AA guns. The engineers used a non-traditional layout, placing the engine compartment in the front and the fighting compartment in the rear. In this case, this layout provided a means to compensate somewhat for the giant protrusion of the SPG’s gun barrel. But it obviously wasn’t enough: as follows from the conclusion of the admission committee, Object 120 “Taran” failed testing, in part due to the imposing size of its cannon…

Nonetheless, there’s enough space even for the Taran in the War Thunder hangars! Meet one of the first rank V premium vehicles in the USSR line. Object 120 is a lightly armoured and amazingly mobile tank destroyer for its size. The Taran’s disadvantages are light armor and its small crew of just three, and you’ll forget them with your first volley. The precise and deadly cannon on a rotating turret possesses incredible power – it penetrates even many rank V tanks right through! For example, testing showed 370 mm armour piercing with the APDS shell at a range of 1000 metres, and that means that the lightly armoured tanks of the 60s and 70s now have big, big problems. The Taran’s 12-cylinder engine can take it up to almost 64 km/h, and that means this seemingly clumsy giant can quickly take up sniper positions or move actively and provide cover for allied tank pushes. Due to the placement of the ammunition complement in the turret and the small number of crew members, the Taran has to be protected from enemy hits at all costs. With a careful SPG commander, the Taran can only be stopped after it fires all 22 of its shells. Or when the enemy runs out of tanks.

Object 120 “Taran” can be purchased in our online store as part of a package. It’s a great vehicle for high-ranked battles and is a good way for leveling up thanks to its premium status – the Taran speeds up the research of any ground vehicle between rank I and rank VI. It’s worth trying out!

PSA: This tank will be available on September 29th, but you can already fork over 50€ and get a decal, title, 15 days prem, and 2000 golden pigeons.


5 thoughts on “War Thunder – Object 120 “Taran”

  1. and here we go, WT following WoT’s example and making the fucking Russians OP for a given tier. SO now i have to think to myself, with that thing populating the game like mad after the 29th, since why wouldn’t everyone want a game killing tank. why bother going to a tank that fell within that battle ranking. Just killed me playing anything above a 5.0


    1. Have you even seen the MBT/Kpz?
      there’ll even be less of these than the american/german ones because this is a premium tank.
      This can also be killed by anything


      1. “This can also be killed by anything”

        Solid argument. As solid as fresh warm dog poop. Anything can be killed by anything you genius, what matters is how many can it kill before it does get killed, and it can kill a LOT…


        1. Yes it can kill a lot… But in theory the Kpz70 can kill more. It has a 150+mm gun also with a reload almost twice as quick. Is faster forwards and way faster in reverse, has more gun depression and has enough armour to withstand most frontal hits

          This thing is far easier to outplay. It’s only advantage over something like the Kpz70 is it’s insane shell velocity and higher penning kinetic rounds.

          I’m not saying it’s not a good tank because it is. It has an insane gun, I’m just saying it’s not op compared to some of the other vehicles it will be facing.


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