Aufklärungspanzer V Pictures



26 thoughts on “Aufklärungspanzer V Pictures

      1. Some props did look better than usual, I assumed it was HD map in progress. My bad then lol.

        I never got to play on the 30v30 so it’s not like I even know what the map looks like lol


  1. My friend was saying they should put the 105mm derp on it with high pen heat shells I think at least 165 pen Xd but I think poeple would rather have a large gun though.


    1. nah, the waffe is a surgical striker,rips apart most armour with ease, and the high accuracy and high projectile speed means it can scout, then retreat and fire from a range that keeps it hidden.. That being said i really did prefer the 105 derp on the VK28 it was that tanks best defense against Cromwell’s in CW and SH.

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    1. I loved mine it was a crap scout but man was it a great anti scout and sniper did not like playing in tier 10 with it but was fun as hell in a tier 8 and 9 games.


    2. The issue with it was (and probably still is) that it has absolutely garbage camo and a huge size, back in a time where LTs were still mostly exclusively scouts. There were MTs with better concealment while moving than this thing had standing still. It was just useless for the most part and only suited for making hilarious ramming montages.

      After a while WG ‘fixed’ it by giving it’s 75mm gun a massive DPM boost, which made it somewhat workable. But by then the name had already stuck.


  2. Aufklärungspanzer V: Turret is from Panzer III, Hull is from Panther, we got a tier 8 LT
    Panzer V/IV: Turret is from Panzer IV, Hull is from Panther, we got a tier 5 MT

    What happened ?


    1. Actually, it uses the turret from VK28. Note the different cupola. Anyway this is absolutely unhistorical; the real proposal had the VK 16 Leopard turret, which was the stock turret when it was in the game, along with the puny L/60 gun


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