Grant I at the War & Peace Revival 2017

Enjoy 🙂


14 thoughts on “Grant I at the War & Peace Revival 2017

                  1. i dont care whatever i am. i only care your fucking bloodline have no empath norethics. your fucking bloodline must be clean from earth… iss this enough for you fucking bitch? your kind is wellknown in my lands…


  1. i watched all TG and GT episodes. i hate political correctness and fucking liberals but clarkson just a fucking showenist liar. he insult nations companies with fake sketchs and lies.
    so fucking clarkson ruin our aspect with fucking fakes show againts politicall correctness.
    and you like this fucking. you are fuckimg degenerated pig with no ethics…


  2. in the video eu rednecks…. i respect who use uniforms doing roleplay @ historical wars.. but look at this. this tank is museum grade ww2 artifact. they are top of that with dirty fucking daily shoes. even a kiddo in tank…
    these tanks are special. relics from old days…


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