Supertest: ELC EVEN 90

Tier 8 French premium. Smallest tank at its tier. The vehicle has only 2 crew members.

A series of machines developed by BRUNON-VALETTE under the ELC (Engin Leger de Combat) project in the second half of the 50’s. The aim was to create a series of light combat vehicles that could be transported by air. The machine was different in size and boasted high mobility. After the decision to produce 10 serial specimens with various armaments that were actively tested, work on the ELC EVEN 90 tank was discontinued.


Tier: LT-8, France, premium
HP: 1 000
Engine: 160 hp
Mass: 6,7 t
Maximum load: 8 t
Power-to-weight: 23,88 hp / t
Max/min speed: 70 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 45 °/s
Turret turning speed: 46 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,671 / 0,767 / 1,342
View range: 390 m
Radio range: 745 m

Hull armor: 15 / 10 / 10 mm
Turret armor: 15 / 10 / 10 mm

Gun: 90 mm D. 919

Alpha Damage: 240 / 240 / 320
Penetration: 175 / 215 / 45
Rate of fire: 6,667 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1600
Reload time (magazine): 35 s
Reload time between magazine rounds: 2,5 s
Rounds in magazine: 5
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,36
Aiming time: 2,1 s
Depression/Elevation: -9 / +13

Armor Schematics:



More pictures:



25 thoughts on “Supertest: ELC EVEN 90

      1. HE doesnt have to “land” on it. with 15mm of armor a near miss will work too.

        I can see it now …

        Max out the camo on this beast (food vents nets crew skill bia etc) = Passive scout’s dream machine. You dont even need a bush . And it all becomes a nightmare.

        Game begins and a Random KV-2 lobs a shot at a suspect bush 87 seconds into the game.

        Misses completely and lands near the Even 90 that was 20 meters away from said bush.

        Kills crew and leaves the tank sitting there with 250 hp left over. … because Stalin.

        Makes you seriously contemplate a Light Spall Liner.
        30% reduction in crew death chance with a large med kit

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  1. Can kill any tier 8 scouts in 10 seconds. I don’t really like that. Its like the AMX 13 90. If you meet it while scouting you are probably very dead.


    1. 214 pen on the Gold rounds? … Lights are about the only thing this can kill directly.

      .36 accuracy is …adequate for hittting weak spots. But no mention of dispersion on movement…
      I guess thats why it gets 5 shell in a mag instead of 4 they expect at least one bounce/miss.

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  2. That’s the ELC available to the public at Saumur tank museum (though there’s an ELC bis, the one in game parked at the front, but it’s empty).

    It’s used as a children’s play area, that’s how ludicrously small it is. I managed to squeeze in a 1950’s Soviet armored transport vehicle (BTR 60 if I remember correctly), but couldn’t for the life of me even muster the courage to put a foot down the ELC’s hatch, for fear of getting stuck.

    On the plus side, had I gotten stuck, the museum staff could have cut me out of the tank’s hull using a strong pair of scissors !

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    1. The ELC in the children’s area of Saumur is an ELC EVEN with twin 30mm guns, it’s this one :
      They also have at least one ELC EVEN 90 in storage. One of the hangar, the one where this ELC is could be visited once a year during the “Pentecôte week-end” (should be 19th and 20th of May for 2018) this video show this hangar: (unfortunatly the chieftain doesn’t show the ELC EVEN 90)
      Others prototypes of ELC EVEN were built :
      ELC EVEN 4×120 mm guns :
      ELC EVEN SS11 / SS12 :
      There are even more project like the ELC EVEN 2x120mm guns autoloader :
      also a 75mm variant but i don’t know much about this one
      Of course AMX built the ELC AMX bis (bis stands for second) we all know in wot but also the ELC AMX :


    2. it’s not quite that Saumur ELC in the play area, that’s an ELC 30, armed with twin 30mm canons apparently for crowd control. Looks evil. For little frenchies only, wearing helmets, I think my head still hurts from that!

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  3. Those tracks … They look Trollish in their ability to soak up otherwise perfectly good kill shots.

    And by kill shot i mean anything that hits the turret poking up.
    Which kills the TC.
    and sufficiently mean HE that splashes the right side of the vehicle where the driver hides

    Not that that should matter. Its an ELC.
    With a proper Turret !
    Same gun. but an Auto loader! Now with Better Soft/Hard stats!

    They call it a Crew Trainer … but they lie.
    Be SUPERTANKER (and his trusty side kick Driver)
    as you (yes YOU) pick up enough skills to go from
    Chasseur de premier all the way to General d’Armee 21 ranks later.

    Its enough to fully train out 2 your side kick and one other driver


  4. 2 crew members + super small profile = oneshot by any HE penetration because all crew disabled.

    Anything it meets just has to press 3 and the tank is dead. Even if it it still has hp left.


  5. Remember all those places you arent allowed to go on maps?
    23 HP/ton and velcro like terrain resistence +9 degrees of depression and best camo =

    How in the world did he get up THERE !?!


    1. It has pretty much the same terrain resistance, and much worse power to weight, than the 12t so not sure what makes you think this will be so good at climbing.


  6. I could climb into the dual 30mm version in Saumur (there’s a special room with a few vehicles you can officially sneak into)… it’s really cramped.


  7. Personally, I’d be more interested in the dual 30mm armed one instead. We already have tech tree options for autoloaders, even 90mm autoloaders a tier higher. Why not put in the 30mm autocannon version with high penetration, make it a high tier French Leopard. Let it harass Scorpion Gs to death.


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