WoT Supertest – Aufklärungspanzer V

36 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Aufklärungspanzer V

    1. Don’t forget that it was a tier 7 light so it had tier 8 MM so with the new MM, it make sense that he is tier 8, also with that pen, is the pen of the APCR for 7,5/5,5 Waffe 0725 so it’s exacly the smae gun only with diffrent ammo loadout/

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    2. You realize it pretty much IS still the same tier as it was. Tier 7 lights saw games with tier 8-10 and rarely top tier. Now, tier 7 lights only see games from 7-9 with the increased chance of being top tier. Same with tier 8 lights. So this tank at tier 8 sees the exact same mm as it did when it was tier 7 and now with buffs.

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  1. Because Tier 8 is more useful, since it can be used in more game modes. Low Alpha, but good penetration. I will wait for the real gun softstats,ground resistance and weight before I can rate this tank, since they are most important for the real performance.

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  2. HOLY SHIT ITS BACK!!! my favorite light tank has returned this is an insta buy for me i missed it soo much when it was replaced by the sp1c. im so happy to see it again 😀

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    1. the one thing that concerns me is ammo capacity will it follow the trend of high tier germans and have next to no ammo? we will have to wait and see but if it has like 90 shells then shut up and take my money 😀

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  3. This gets a 900HP engine while the panther 2 is still stuck with a shitty 700HP when panther 2 had a 900HP and 1150 HP Gas Turbine engine planned and developed to be put in. Good to see WGing still assfucking my germans


  4. You mean I get the chance to buy the tank the WG took from me? All that grinding for it and now they want more money? The Foch owners got to keep their first tank and got the new for free. The new “Awful Panther” should be returned to their previous owners garages.


  5. Even if we don’t know the soft stats yet, it is still OP in my opinion, like REALLY OP, this thing is fucking amazing. It’s going to sell like crazy! Mark my words!


    1. How you can call it OP without knowing the softstats? Bad ground resistance and it will turn bad as fuck. Bad dispersion values and the 0.3 accuracy + 1.5sec aimtime doesn’t mean anything.


    2. See the stats yourself. This is pretty much the same Aufk.Panther as it was in tier 7, except of now it firing the old gold round as standard round. Tell me how can that thing be better than a Bulldog in any sense.


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