9.20.1: Personal Missions Screen

This is how the screen looks like:


20 thoughts on “9.20.1: Personal Missions Screen

  1. These are the badges (like the ones for the ranked battles) you can earn by completing the personal missions.

    Top left is the badge for completing the first operation (Stug IV).
    Center left is the badge for completing the first operation with honors (Stug IV)
    and so on ….


  2. Just a random question…
    Why don’t you create galery so we can view the pictures easier ?
    It’s way easier to click on the picture, slide through them and then close it after you’re done.


          1. because improvements are good ?
            Because it’s easier to check the full size pictures in with photo viewer than right-clicking on each and every single one of them and selecting “open in new tab”.

            I’m not trying to force him to do anything, i’m thankfull for what he’s doing and this is just a suggestion to make this blog even better


  3. The layout of that missions screen is terrible. It goes from left to right and from top to down, but has not enough columns and can’t put all the relevant tabs for T28 next to each other. Give every reward tank it’s won line or column or increase the number of columns to four. Like, seriously, who the fuck designed it and why he got hired in the first place? It’s the god damn basics, not some rocket science.


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