9.20.1 – M48A5 Patton

The old Patton model is replaced by a new one.

Hull armor: 152.4 / 76.2 / 25.4 mm (old: 152.4 / 76.2 / 38.1) mm;
Changed the 3D model;
Changed the armor model;
Removed T97E2 chassis;
Removed M87 turret;
Added M48A5 Patton turret;
Added M48A5 chassis;



19 thoughts on “9.20.1 – M48A5 Patton

  1. I feel like they should give the same treatment to m46 as well, give it m47 hull to make it a true m47 (sans the gun ofc) instead of the current m46/m47 frankentank.

    Technically it’s gonna be a buff as m47 has slightly better hull than m46 (m47 hull is virtually the same as t69 hull with added mg port weakspot), but at tier 9, having t69 hull over m46 hull is pretty much tantamount to no difference anyway, so I don’t really see it affecting the tank’s balancing in any way

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      1. Technically the M46E1 is the prototype of the M47. The M46E1 was standardized with minor modifications as M47. And the M46E1 is a M46 that got the turret from the T42 tank. As said the chemist Lavoisier: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” ^^

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        1. actually, it’s no longer true, since the adoption of quantum field theory, particles is thought to be able to be created from quantum vacuum lol

          anyhow, I guess we’re learning something new everyday, never knew the m46e1 existed, and since m46e1 is a real tank, I guess yeah, there isn’t any need to turn it into m47, although it would still be nice to have the m47 instead since m47 is sorta better looking and more well-known lol

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    1. To correct you, the M47 hull is not related to the T69 hull. The M47 hull is slightly modified from the M46, when the T69 is a T42 hull equiped with an oscillating turret.
      The T42 was the medium tank from the triplet T41 (aka M41 Bulldog) / T42 / T43 (aka M103) project that was expecting to give a new light / medium / heavy tanks. However, the T42 was a large technical fail (it was supposed to be a compact medium tank with good mobility, but was finally not better than the M46 that he was expected to replace) and gave as legacy its turret to the M46E1.
      See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T42_medium_tank

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  2. does this mean a real nerf to hull armor? back should be able to autobounce 100mm-guns, but the new model wont.

    okay, this will only happen once every 1000 matches, but still.

    anyway, it’s nice move of WG to change the model to be more historically correct. and does this tank look beautiful!

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  3. I’m disappointed that they didn’t add a dust cover or a gun shroud like they have been for the past few generations. It’s painfully obvious that there should be a dust cover by the marks on the turret, same as M103, M41 etc.

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  4. IMO the M60A1 would still be a superior choice for t10 US medium. Within its US service the M48A5 was only kept in reserve and as a training vehicle. To give perspective, engine, drive, and 105 M68 gun (though not all at once) where parts from the M48’s successor the M60A1. Furthermore, these M48 upgraded to the A5 standard didn’t happen until 1975, while the M60A1 had already entered service in 1963.

    The reason I point this out is that with the last patch the M48 has been buffed unrealistically in regards to its turret armor. To the end of game balance, I understand WG wants consistent trends throughout research trees and to that end adding the M60A1 would not only be a correct choice for the era t10 tanks come from, but also reinforce traits WG seems to want US meds to play without unrealistic armor buffs.

    The M48A5 was a variant used to supplement many NATO allied nations, and did see combat under adoption. If anything WG could save the M48A5 as a t 9-10 med for another tech tree or integrate it into the US med line as an alternate tier 9 (with unrealistic armor buffs removed).

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  5. Well this is unexpected, seems they have been listening to concerns about the Frankenstein M48 with A5 turret and A1 hull. Nah… they saw that they had to make the corrections based on obvious data available, which is good on them. As for the M47 Patton WG has some options on what to do with it.

    One option is to introduce it as ANOTHER premium tier 8 US medium tank that is available as a reward tank. Another option is to use some creative licence and put it as a tier 9 medium with L7 105mm gun replacing the M46E1 Patton, this seems easy to do. Third option is to put it as a regular tier 8 medium tank as a branch tank between a future alternative US medium line and current medium line but with M48A1 as the tier 9.

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