WoT – Q&A 13.09.2017

Anton Pankov spills more beans.

Q: During Gamescom 2017 you showed us some of the HD maps, yet none of them were winter ones. Why is that so? Renderer problems?
A: We don’t have problems with the renderer. Winter maps aren’t bountiful, and of those which we have, most are still work in progress now. Technically, the only problem at hand would be the fast that on winter maps, we have to set gamma and lighting points very carefully, since everything is white there. During this year’s WG Fest we’ll show a few winter maps. Regarding their release, the maps will only be published when ready.

By the way, WG Fest is a thing this year, but the location is still a secret.

Q: Will it be like this from now on, and this year we won’t even get a New Year tank?
A: We decided to drop this ‘tradition’. It’s the outcome of the decision to seriously rebalance the low tiers later on. We don’t want to do some kind of temporary ‘blue electric tape’ stuff.

Q: No new nations are planned for this year, but what about new branches in existing trees? Which nation is the most important now?
A: Officially yes. We’ll see how the work will flow. Right now we have some nations which are in the spotlight of our devs. However, we can’t make official announcements about Poles and Italians. We have a few new cool lines though, including heavies and tank destroyers. We will show them when they’re ready.

Q: Will the IS-6 get a ‘new coat of paint’, if ever?
A: It’s really easy – we just need to increase the penetration and remove preferential matchmaking. Or keep the pref MM and compensate in other departments. Right now we still don’t know which solution is the best one.

Q: Which one thing would you change if you could go back in time?
A: Not announce Rubicon.

Q: Will the T92 LT be redone again, or is another tank planned for a collaboration with another company, but it failed? Maybe Belavia but I’m not sure. Are there similar plans to those like the current one with Rostelekom?
A: There were plans, but it wasn’t about the T92 LT. We couldn’t make it click. The tank which was chosen is shelved, a really nice looking one, with the company logo. I can’t name the company for obvious reasons. Which tank it was can be guessed.

Q: The collaboration with WK 40K was signed by WG, but right now all announcements pertain only to WoT Blitz. As usual, Blitz first, and SEA server exclusive on PC later?
A: Pragmatism. If something from Warhammer appears in ‘big’ WoT, it won’t be just for the Asian server. The Warhammer setting seems really good, both for EU, NA, and RU. There is a chance that something will appear.

Q: Will customizable hulls be a thing of the past after you announced tank personalization?
A: We haven’t decided what to do with hulls yet. They’re available, but not on all vehicles. Maybe they’ll be part of the permitted modifications, we’ll see.
Same goes for trade-ins on previous terms. As events, and with an expanded inventory – okay.

Q: Is it true that the person responsible for Balance 2.0 in AW came to WG?
A: No, we didn’t hire such people. But it’s a fact that we hired people who were working on AW.

Q: 2017 was the ‘Year of the Rooster’ – you changed the arty. What will year 2018 be about?
A: There will be two names, it will be a year of changes and preparations.

Q: So called ‘derp tanks’ – will there be any changes regarding such tanks? How do you look at this inside WG? Do you treat it as a problem?
A: If you’re asking about the Japanese IX and X tiers, then yes, this has to be looked into, but that’s a question for Murazor.

Q: Will the Defender be put on sale this year?
A: We’ll see. Do you want that to happen?

Q: Regarding HD graphics. Is it possible to do, and if it is, will you implement dynamic objects affecting gameplay? Just like there were attempts to introduce door to Pilsen in 2016?
A: Yes, the idea is still fresh – destroyable bridges on city maps, landslides and avalanches on mountain maps, destroyable objects and so on. But first we need to HDify the maps, then we’ll see.

Q: Do the statistics say that introducing tier X light tanks was a good idea?
A: If you ask me – yes. The lights didn’t took the meds’ jobs, at least not too heavily. It’s worth remembering that it was a necessity due to the new matchmaker.