Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) Available on the Chinese Server Premium Shop

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Since last week, the WT auf E 100 hit the shelves of the Chinese Server.

The Chinese players can get the tank for ¥1288.00. About $198.64 or €165.02. Almost 4 times cheaper than the 113 Beijing Opera. Please remember that, unlike the ugly clone Chinese TDs which we were lied about by WG, the WT will not come to the other servers.

48 thoughts on “Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) Available on the Chinese Server Premium Shop

      1. No, you can\’t have a historical tree. The tanks presented on this site in the past as candidates for a CN TD branch were amphibious recon vehicles, SPAAs or God knows what other inventions. The branch introduced by WG is decent and everyone and their mother knows it\’s a fake so no problem.

    1. Well they were a China server run project with the help of the WG modeling team. Until a 60% poll on RU with like 500 000 votes that said they demanded it came up. Thus we got them to, as most wanted it. This is a tier X premium. And China has sold a fair few of them already for that price. None of them has made it to our servers. As China digs up anything on the dev server we don\’t have or use, and sell it as a premium instantly. So I suspect.. this won\’t make it either. As not many do. Only one that has made it out of the Chinese server to our servers is the WZ-111. As they had it for years before we did.

  1. Actually I wonder how people a react on a chines server. Would be the same I would pay linces fee and run my on server, sell Tier 10 for hundreds of euro and the comunity blames wg.
    Just change the reloadtime of WT 100 to 5 sec per shell and everything would fine and sell it for 300 Euro. Somebody have to pay the developers 😀

    And after the really realistic japanes tanks who cares about chines TDs. I dont know if I start them. But in my opinion it is better to fill up some trees instead of a single polish, italian tech tree…

    1. Your lack of awareness is epic. The Chinese server is not run by WG. They are just developing it.

  2. 4 times cheaper than Opera 113?????????are you telling me they sold Opera 113 for over 600 euro????

    1. the original price for 113 opera is ¥5000(640€).
      what\’s more,you only need ¥10000(1280€) to get the Chieftain Mk.VI on Chinese server.

    2. Let me tell u, chieftain mk7 also sales in Chinese server and cost 10000 rmb (about 1278 euro) and exclusive for vip who cost huge amount of money in this game, and actually u can buy almost any tank which is in data,including all reward tier 10 with cheap price, and skilled crews(only for vip, the money u spend decide how many skills u can have),to be honest, u can buy almost anything that u can imagine of,even premium rounds(very cheap, 1000 shells cost 20-30 rmb)

  3. I don\’t understand why you people keep complaining. The Foch 50 B hit the live servers and no one says it\’s OP! It delivers 2400 average damage in 10 seconds and has great reload. Also it doesn\’t have that huge, enormous, giant, obvious weak spot!

    I just hope they don\’t have the audacity to ask for money for the tank I already grinded, and for which, in fact, I grinded the whole line!

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