Thaine Lyman Switches Jobs

In such a large-scale project as World Of Tanks, from time to time there will be big changes. And a few weeks ago a new chapter began. During the Game Space, Thaine Lyman, “Product Director of World of Tanks PC”, publicly announced that he was giving way as a product director for World Of Tanks on PC. He did it officially, because there were rumors since long ago. A new person has already been appointed to the new place, or rather, he was simply moved there.

“At our party during the exhibition in Cologne, I publicly announced the change in my role in Wargaming, and the fact that I will cede the place of the head of WoT PC.
I can not yet say what I will work on now, but I will still stay in WG and this will be a new project. I’m delighted with what we could achieve while I was the head of the project. I am proud of the team I gathered and the difficulties that we overcame together. I am amazed at how much I like the city of Minsk and its inhabitants. And I’m grateful to Victor Kislyi, like everyone else, for believing in me, and allowing me to take this responsibility. ”

Thaine received his post in Wargaming in the summer of last year (June). He became famous for producing such games as: Call of Duty (2003), Call of Duty 2 (2005).