Thaine Lyman Switches Jobs

In such a large-scale project as World Of Tanks, from time to time there will be big changes. And a few weeks ago a new chapter began. During the Game Space, Thaine Lyman, “Product Director of World of Tanks PC”, publicly announced that he was giving way as a product director for World Of Tanks on PC. He did it officially, because there were rumors since long ago. A new person has already been appointed to the new place, or rather, he was simply moved there.

“At our party during the exhibition in Cologne, I publicly announced the change in my role in Wargaming, and the fact that I will cede the place of the head of WoT PC.
I can not yet say what I will work on now, but I will still stay in WG and this will be a new project. I’m delighted with what we could achieve while I was the head of the project. I am proud of the team I gathered and the difficulties that we overcame together. I am amazed at how much I like the city of Minsk and its inhabitants. And I’m grateful to Victor Kislyi, like everyone else, for believing in me, and allowing me to take this responsibility. ”

Thaine received his post in Wargaming in the summer of last year (June). He became famous for producing such games as: Call of Duty (2003), Call of Duty 2 (2005).


21 thoughts on “Thaine Lyman Switches Jobs

  1. You know, I’m kinda sad that Thaine is leaving.

    I dont know if any readers here watched those dev panel videos, where guys like Thaine sat down and discusses problems in the game. In the middle of WG and all its shit, he looked like the guy that seemed to get it. But still – he’s just one guy and he could only do so much with his recources and influence. Kinda like that one teacher goes went out of his way and did some extra for his student while the entire school was crap.

    I bet that if he was open and frank about how WG works you would get a much darker story. A story about trying so hard to get the game what it needs, but getting denied his proposed changed and ending up being frustrated instead. Probably why he’s changing jobs?

    The truth is out there

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  2. Call it a wild hope, but maybe he’s moving to the WOWP/WOWS Console project that was teased a few months back. I guess we’ll see.


  3. No offence to the guy but personally I don’t think the game has taken a positive turn during the last year anyway so maybe it’s good that he’s moving on to another project…

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  4. Why do these low life managers at wg don’t dress in shirt and tie, like you should when you work in an office? Fucking joke ass, I hope WG lays down its business. And all people who are responsible should be sent to guantanamo bey.


  5. you said: “I dont know if any readers here watched those dev panel videos, where guys like Thaine sat down and discusses problems in the game.”. Rewatch the video sand listen to everything he said about maps. that will change your mind. this is a summary of what he says about maps: “users are complaining about maps, on to the next topic”. never addressed the issue once. I watched all those videos.

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