WoWS 0.6.11: Contents and changes #1

Pan-asian Destroyers
-Regular torpedoes on Pan asia DDs have been removed, only deep water torpedoes are available to them now
-DW torpedo damage brought in line with their regular counterparts

-Firing inside or around a smoke screen will trigger a concealment penalty
-IFHE chance of fire for guns 139mm or below reduced to -1%

PvE Scenarios
-Only tier 6 ships are allowed in season 1 scenarios

Changes to gun pitch:
Gun pitch on several battleships (namely early dreadnoughts) are increased by the system in order to make arc shots at close range targets, this made some ships exceed their historical elevation limits, to fix this, a pitch limit has been applied to such ships. Regular gameplay will not be affected by this change, but minor side effects may appear on Arkansas , Wyoming , Ishizuchi, Konig Albert and Kaiser.

Clan naval base:
-Naval base development provides more bonuses:
+3% XP bonus
-10% ship service fee
-10% ship purchasing cost