STG Guard Gameplay Video

Best seen with sound muted.


16 thoughts on “STG Guard Gameplay Video

    1. Yes, he plays better in WOWS. But as the best Brazilian youtuber of WOT (Vanguard) moved to War Thunder, this guy is occupying that place.


  1. HAHAHAAHHAAHHA that is an Brazilian streamer that think he is awesome!!!!



  2. This is just another example of how Russians are nostalgic about the glory days of the USSR. Totally unnecessary tank and a wet Russian dream.


  3. I’m wondering why WG don’t give any new info about anything. The only things I know I can be looking forward to are the upcoming sandbox with HD maps, AMX cda 105 and if the comments in this video are correct, a review of the guard by QB and Dez


  4. This seems like a 416 with a limp, trying to pass as a T-34-3 and failing. If it had a 100mm gun it would be way better I suspect. As I have 4 Russian prem meds already. It’s not needed for crew training either.


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