WoT – September Specials

Top of the Tree

1–30 September: The Top of the Tree specials highlight top-tier tanks and provide nice discounts and bonuses on their branches for the entire month. This month, the floor goes to the WZ-111-5A, the most recently added Chinese Tier X heavy tank.

Back to Service

1–28 September: An event consisting of four weekly missions. Get rewards for each completed weekly mission, and the main prize is waiting for those who manage to complete all of them.

More Free XP for Everyone!

2–4 September: In need of Free XP? Play this weekend and receive bonus Free XP for each and every battle you take part in!

Spotlight: Heavy Tanks

9–11 September: Discounts on heavy tanks, several bonuses, plus special missions!

Spotlight: Medium Tanks

16–18 September: Discounts on medium tanks, several bonuses, plus special missions!

XP Fever

23–25 September: Looks like World of Tanks is infected with XP flu. No medication is required, just rack up those XP and blaze through the tech trees at light speed!

Discounts & Supply Box

30 September–2 October: This title might not look exciting, but make not mistake – this special event is packed with a vast selection of discounts, plus missions with neat rewards!


3 thoughts on “WoT – September Specials

    1. TurkarTV’s Photo TurkarTV Yesterday, 09:09 PM

      Here is a translation from the polish wot youtube channel

      Missions through whole september – extra exp, credit reserves, 1 day prem and some consumables/equipment.
      2-5 September – x3 free exp and missions for big repair kits
      9-12 September – x3 for the first victory of the day, discounts for selected heavies (both standard and premium)
      16-19 September – Discounts for meds, x2 crew exp
      23-26 September – Extra crew exp for playing in premiums, x3 first victory of the day
      End of the month will consist of some discounts and extra crew exp, more will be revealed on the website
      Top of the Tree WZ, discounts for the line & extra crew exp



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