War Thunder – War Diaries


War Thunder — a game about the machinery of war. But in reality, behind each vehicle there is always a living person. Memoirs and recollections about warfare, soldiers’ diaries and letters, inspired us to create storyline campaigns we named “War Diaries”.

We invite you to take part in the open test of the series of personal tasks – welcome to “War Diaries”!

Every “War Diary” consists of 10 chapters, these can be personal letters from the front or memoirs of the people who took part in the most dramatic conflicts of the mid 20th century. Each chapter is devoted to some event that is especially important to the narrator and we invite you to see these stories unfold from your own eyes.

You can read “War Diaries” in the Battle Tasks menu in your hangar in the “War Diaries” tab. Here you can also find tasks and conditions required to open new chapter.

“War Diaries” tasks can be completed in random battles in all game modes (except Enduring Confrontation). Chapters will become available one after the other. For completing tasks in each chapter you will receive a small prize – boosters, orders and Silver Lions. Completing tasks of all 10 chapters of the diaries will unlock a camo for an aircraft or a ground vehicle.


Main prize for completing tasks of the first “Diaries” – the unique “Manchukuo Air Force” camo for the Ki-27.

We begin the test of the “War Diaries” with the story of a young Japanese pilot – Tomorai Kira, who arrives in Mongolia to take part in the Japanese invasion of China. Sergeant Kira keeps a diary, which was popular back in the day. He writes down any remarkable events, his own thoughts and impressions.

We launch the first of our ‘War Diaries” stories in test mode. We would really appreciate your feedback and opinions – if you like the “War Diaries” format, we will introduce more of them later – they will be dedicated to different nations and vehicle types.

Comment from a developer:

Basicaly, we have few campaigns ready at the moment, about tanks and planes of different nations and ranks. This is the first campaign we launch for test. Now we want to collect feedback from the community to see if the idea itself is good or not. If you like the storyline tasks – we will give you more 😉