STG/STG Guard EU Shop Release Date

A reliable insider tells that the STG and the STG Guard will be on sale on EU starting with September 9. The cheapest bundle will cost 35,80 €.


11 thoughts on “STG/STG Guard EU Shop Release Date

      1. Because this tank has the perfect high tier Soviet crew layout, with Commander (Radio Operator), Gunner, Loader and Driver. While the Rudy and T-44-100 have Loader as Radio Operator


      2. because it looks awesome with it’s soviet skin, i think it is realy beautiful, also a med with 390 alpha is always noice, it’s only a personal choice tho.


  1. strange to sell on that day, while: Spotlight: Medium Tanks

    16–18 September: Discounts on medium tanks, several bonuses, plus special missions!


  2. More than a worse Object 416, this is an uptiered (and better) A-44 with fairly good camouflage (the Guard version has almost 19% base camo). The bad dispersion values are a concern though, those are TD values, not medium tank ones (then again, it has a 122mm gun with amazing accuracy and reasonable aimtime).


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