New Sandbox Coming This Fall

“Very soon, this fall we will launch a Sandbox test server, where players will be able to test at least 9 maps already shown in HD quality, maybe we will be able to add bonus maps that have not been shown yet. *Sigh* maybe some of the players will decide to upgrade their computers “- Maxim Chuvalov, Product Manager of World of Tanks.


15 thoughts on “New Sandbox Coming This Fall

  1. More then say “*Sigh* maybe some of the players will decide to upgrade their computers “, it would be better if them say to us what will be the min system required. I sent a ticket to wg with this question and they don’t know -.-”


    1. Because it’s still work in progress – there might be something in later developed maps that will push the requirements up. And the testing on Sandbox will be because of that reason as well~


  2. I like how “HD maps will be ready by the end of summer” is turning into “9 HD maps will enter sandbox testing phase in fall”.

    Which means we will not only not stand a chance of seing them in 2017, but we lilely wont see them before many month after as well. The game has like 40 maps iirc, if they only made a dozen in all this time while aiming at this summer, I doubt they will finish before next summer.

    Havok all over again. Except this time we will eventualy get the feature, just super delayed. Unless to pany russian potato computers break down during the sandbox, in which case goodbye HD maps.

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    1. А friend of mine lives in Russia (not in Moscow) with his family and I know that Russians regulary upgrade their PCs, let’s say once in 2 years, which is not too bad, so I don’t think there will be any issues with crashed russian PCs. In my opinion this will be one long sandbox with lots of phases, as in each one we’ll get a few more HD maps, so as I didn’t get the chance to attend Gamescom, am looking forward to this sandbox

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    2. sorry but i don’t agree with you.
      This time this is far from Havok fail and i’m pretty sure they can finish most of the maps before the end of this year and then add remaining 10… or 15 in the next patch.

      Why do i think that ? because they are also using this phase to balance and fix problematic maps which means they can delay broken maps and only release the good ones.


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