WoT – Ranked Battle Q&A 26.08.2017

The devs have changed how chevrons are earned, and how long the season will last. The season is divided into three stages, each seven days long.

How to gain or lose chevrons:

  • You gain chevrons for being in the top 10 players in the winning team, by earned XP
  • Players at places 11-15 in the winning team and 1-5 on the losing team don’t lose chevrons
  • You lose chevrons if you’re in the last ten of the players of the losing team

Q: When will we be able to play Ranked Battles with tanks other than Tier X?
A: Ranked Battles are perceives as added content for players who already have a Tier X. Currently we don’t have plans to expand the mode with other tiers, but that will depend on the player opinions and statistics, which we will collect after the end of the second season.

Q: Can I do Personal Missions in Ranked Battles.
A: No. In the second season beta, some daily missions will be doable not only in Random Battles, but also Ranked Battles. Additionally, you’ll be able to obtain Mastery Badges.

Q: Soon, you’ll be able to gain Bonds in the Grand Battle mode, and in Tier X Random Battles. What purpose is there for Ranked Battles now?
A: We increased the rewards for this season, and compared to other modes, Ranked Battles offer significantly increased Bond acquisition speed.


6 thoughts on “WoT – Ranked Battle Q&A 26.08.2017

  1. the Top 3 loser team winning chevron or Top 5 loser team don’t lose chevron will lead to the same.
    All the loser team must be suffering the same fate to hope some teamplay, even if ethically it’s better to reward the one who do the biggest effort.


    1. This is completely retarded…
      loosing because your team is composed by a bag of shit and you’re the only one try Harding and spending credits shooting gold ammo
      And even loosing a bond because of those retards?? Sure man make it even more rng based


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