WoT – Q&A 24.08.2017

Amway gets more information from the devs regarding Ranked Battles.

  • After the Ranked Battles mode was introduced, the amount of battles on Tier X in Random Battles declined by 15-20%.
  • We have a special team responsible just for this mode. We plan and work on the economy of RB, so that the mode won’t fade away into obscurity.
  • Our first goal is to give a variety of players the ability to compete, and the second is to give the players a commemorative medal, a little trinket at the end of the season.
  • Teamwork in RB is weak. for the second season’s beta, we significantly increased the difficulty of getting the fifth rank and we hope that 45% of the players actively participating in RB won’t even get to it. They’ll get stuck between the 3rd and 4th rank. At the beginning we planned to give three chevrons to the losing team, but that would lead to situations like teams redlining all the time to actively fight just at the end. This was the way many people did it anyway.
  • Sometimes players with varying ranks were put into one battle (eg. 5-4-3-0). This was a backdoor for the matchmaker, enabling players with the 5th rank not to wait too long for a battle. We decided to get rid of it.
  • In the second season, we’ll review the prime times. The ‘nocturnal’ persons will have it easier.
  • Information about the second season will appear early September.
  • Opinion polls state that people like trolling other players with the stripes besides their nickname. Important notice – these stripes will appear in other modes too.
  • The second season will be divided into three stages (contrary to the previous four), each with the duration of seven days, giving us a 21 day season.
  • In the beta of the second season, Personal Mission progress will be disabled.
  • In the Common Test we gave the ability to earn Marks of Excellence, but the players concluded that the game mode complicates it, and also has an impact on the amount of Random Battles played. We’re trying to solve this problem.
  • After the second beta we plan to start the official season. We’re thinking about new rewards.