T-29’s Fate

Remember the T-29 (tier 3 Soviet premium tank) that we were supposed to get as a gift for WoT’s 7th birthday? Now the developers are considering to use it for a collaboration with Kaspersky Lab. The decision is not final, it might change in the future.

In 2016 there was another collaboration if anyone remembers, with Kaspersky releasing a WoT edition antivirus, and also giving the possibility for RU players to get the Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm.

In 2014, another collaboration was made, with the KV-220 and the Curtiss Model 81A-1 being given for buying an antivirus license.

Needless to say, you cannot get the tank on EU, NA or ASIA. Our friends at WoT Info NL asked them:



7 thoughts on “T-29’s Fate

  1. great! instead of actually changing the stats, they let people pay for a tank wich isnt actually op, but WG trys to give the impression it is so they can sell them for 100 dollars +30 000 gold!


    1. oh i forgot to call them cheap fucks for not giving us something free. we support the game, and what do we get? NOTHING!!!!!! they cant even give us a free string of digital code!

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      1. I can’t really complain this time. It’s beyond stupid, yes.. But we did get two free tier 6 premiums just now. A few battles here and there is nothing if you’re an active player. If you’re not, then I really don’t see why one would care.


          1. T34-85M Which was easier than a regular weekend mission. And the Japanese Tiger which is currently on a ‘maraton’.I completed that one by playing a few battles here and there for 9-11 days.


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