War Thunder – New E.R.A.

Yes, it’s happening. War Thunder is adding the VIth tier/rank/era to the game!

At Gamescom 2017 we will introduce the new major update 1.71 “New E.R.A”. The name was coined for several reasons – first, we are adding a 6th rank for tanks and invite you to test the vehicles of the Cold War and Vietnam war period. Ground vehicles in War Thunder will receive new armour types – composite and Explosive Reactive Armour. This new era in tank construction marked the switch to brand new technologies in protection against powerful HEAT rounds and missiles that could easily destroy any WW2 armour. New infantry support machines will join combat – we are ready to tell you about some of them in the next few days. Stay tuned!


18 thoughts on “War Thunder – New E.R.A.

  1. What a horrible decision!

    What about all the people that invested into rank 4 premiums? Now they won`t be able to grind out those lines without a significant malus.

    A money grab scheme extraordinaire. I`m happy I didn`t dedicate more time to that game.


  2. Oh boy, here comes plenty of fun guessimates on the value of composite armor, data still very much classified.

    “I’m sure this is will be made super fairly, and not refer to common tropes such as British = bestest armor, and Russian bias xaxaxaxa )))).” – no one ever

    They might as well just have done a separate tier with fantasy vehicles from WH40K, it would have been detached from reality as this.

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      1. So that limits it to all Russian export vehicles from the 60’s and 70’s and literally none of the composite armor from the West.

        Wow, looking forward to having the Stillbrew Chieftain, aka the same one as ingame, but with some more steel and rubber armor on the turret, M60A3, aka the same as the M60A1 but with some ERA and more electronic bits that will only influence ease of play, and the T-72M
        No Abrams, no MBT-70, No Leopard 2, no later variant leopard 1, no T-80, no T-64, no T-72U, no T-55AM

        Some classic Cold War duels right there…
        Two second generation MBTs on life support by the mid 70’s and a waterdowned version of a T-64.


  3. I don’t actually care that much about modern tanks but if they add modern jets with air-to-air missiles I might actually play War Thunder again. Pls gib MiG-21.


    1. Yeah well, that’s going to be quite hard to do. You see, there’s this thing called “community” and 90% of it is retards and knowitall morons who don’t really know anything, and they don’t have any common logic either. I’m sure they’re not going to like such an idea….

      I remember when i tried to convince them that Air to Air missiles isn’t going to brake the game because we would get only the early versions which weren’t very sophisticated, therefore easy to counter, and air combat would still depend of decent maneuvering and gunnery.

      Nope, they didn’t understand, even though it’s a well known fact that in real life they needed to fit the F-4 with a gunpod simply because the missiles were too few and too unreliable.

      I’m waiting and waiting and waiting for this moment to come man. I will spend a ton of money just to blast through the tiers and get a sweet F-4 or any of its counterparts….


      1. They’re going to have to add modern aircraft in some form, both because the WWII/Korean era planes don’t have the right weapons to effectively kill modern tanks and because otherwise it’ll throw the progression and BR system off-balance to have a rank 6 for tanks but not for planes.


    2. If early supersonic jets and AAMs get added that would be great. Just as long as WW2 prop planes don’t have to go up against them.


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