Type 59 „Available” on RU Fake Wargaming Shop

Note: it is an impostor site, named Warganing! Do not fall to such scams. Posting to raise awareness.

The site is extremely similar to the main WoT one.



It costs only 32.5 $.

Comes with a garage slot and a BIA crew.


14 thoughts on “Type 59 „Available” on RU Fake Wargaming Shop

  1. Wow i checked the link its war gar ning.It looks so real they will still catch some players though i have been i been scammed on facebook once,but thats how you learn


      1. Saying that people will go to exorbitant lengths to get a single overhyped tank = spiteful

        Good luck in life.
        You’ll need it.


  2. To be completely honest, if I got a Type 59 in my garage it would have been such a waste. I really don’t find it interesting at all. The mm is nice and all, but meh..

    What I find really strange and flat out stupid. All this hype and extremities to get one of these tanks and I barely ever see anyone driving one.


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