Chinese Server: Illegal Mod Streams

On the Chinese server of World of Tanks, specifically on Douyu (Chinese equivalent of Twitch), odd things happen. In the “tank” section, 8 of the 10 streamers of World of Tanks use illegal modifications – and, interestingly, each of them has at least 500-1000 spectators. Many of these players love the “Tundra” mod.

Tundra” – an application that improves the player’s view of the battlefield by removing all types of leaves. In practice it looks like the player does not see any bushes, and the look of the trees is limited by leaving the trunks and branches alone.

The respective streamers do not hide this, and sometimes even brag about high stream views.

Above, a fragment of one of the streams. The question is how many prohibited mods are allowed on the Chinese server? By the way, some of them have press accounts. All due to the poor performance of the Fair Play policy in the region.

Let’s hope Wargaming will respond quick to this. Do not install such mods, because there is always the risk of getting banned forever.