Chinese Server: Illegal Mod Streams

On the Chinese server of World of Tanks, specifically on Douyu (Chinese equivalent of Twitch), odd things happen. In the “tank” section, 8 of the 10 streamers of World of Tanks use illegal modifications – and, interestingly, each of them has at least 500-1000 spectators. Many of these players love the “Tundra” mod.

Tundra” – an application that improves the player’s view of the battlefield by removing all types of leaves. In practice it looks like the player does not see any bushes, and the look of the trees is limited by leaving the trunks and branches alone.

The respective streamers do not hide this, and sometimes even brag about high stream views.

Above, a fragment of one of the streams. The question is how many prohibited mods are allowed on the Chinese server? By the way, some of them have press accounts. All due to the poor performance of the Fair Play policy in the region.

Let’s hope Wargaming will respond quick to this. Do not install such mods, because there is always the risk of getting banned forever.


32 thoughts on “Chinese Server: Illegal Mod Streams

      1. Are they? Because WG says so?
        I’m a nigerian prince, btw, would you be interested in a bridge?

        Really, don’t believe me? Test for yourself. Create a dummy mail account and register a second WoT account.
        Cram it with all the cheat mods you can find. I mean ALL the shit you can find you activate every fucking thing.

        Are you banned already? Me neither.


        1. Some of the CC’s should do an experiment with that. I would like to know how WG is protecting fair play.

          However, I never experienced suspicious things on the EU server. Never suspected other players for cheating. But maybe it’s just me.

          By the way, I don’t see the point in cheating. You are taking all te challenge out of the game, don’t see the fun in that.


  1. These are actually de-facto “legal” mods in CN, since Mr.Wang Leilei (CEO of Kongzhong) himself is also an user of mod Tundra on his own live streams.


  2. > Let’s hope Wargaming will respond quick to this.

    In China it’s technically not their game, it’s Kongzhong’s (WG is “only” developer and it’s KZ’s rules there). So no, they won’t. They could develop something to battle it, but KZ would need to enforce it anyway – and they won’t.


  3. WG will not do anything with it, since its Kongzhong servers and fully under their control. Since Chinese have different morale, theres only a very small common understanding of fair play policy. Its a known thing, that money is power there, and with enough of it, you can buy you even a persons life there. So some cheats are perfectly within tolerance there, especially if youre a streamer or person on seat high enough.


    1. You got it ass backwards. Stop spreading ignorance.

      In the west money is power, and you can buy people’s life with it in many different ways, including whole human beings. Over there political power is power, money doesn’t give you nearly the reach it does in the west.


      1. Yet China is one of the leading world powers exactly because it has obscene amounts of money and is binge buying lots of Western companies, brands and so on. It doesn’t matter if they call themselves socialist/communist/walla walla, China is as capitalist as America when it comes to business and profit.


  4. Like anyone has said here, if its Chinese server there is nothing WG can do to enforce rule.
    The best we could hope is WG stay vigilant against such mod in other servers.


  5. Nope
    if you know CN server before,you will not surprised by this. an application called WoTbox are providing this mod since 9.0 (or much earlier
    KZ didn’t and will not make anything toward this.

    p.s. just a little time ago,KZ make a event to win a laptop (in WOWS). And one player with warpack got 1st position and finally he actually won that laptop. KZ didn’t ban his account;instead, KZ want that player to stay low to not engage other players. what’s fun is that cheater soon posted that PM from KZ and laugh at others. what a shame.

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  6. “let’s hope wargaming will respond quick to this”

    ROFL. Who gives a crap, as long as those animals are trapped in their own server playing gold type 59s or hacking and its contained, no one cares. It’s like another game over there anyway, doesn’t concern the other real servers.


  7. Why should WG respond? They don’t run that server or have any control over it as such. It’s rented and leased. I suspect the Chinese company running it don’t care to much either.


    1. Agreed, as long it will stay in CN server it is fine. However when the mods used on WG server they can act quiclky to counter it. Which I hope WG will do.


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