Armored Warfare Coming to PS4

Source: AW Portal (brought to attention by ladydreamsicle) is proud to announce that the modern tank shooter Armored Warfare is coming to the Playstation® 4 console!

The major features of the PS4 version include all the elements known from the PC version of the game, such as:

  • Five vehicle classes, from unyielding Main Battle Tanks to stealthy Tank Destroyer snipers
  • Player versus Player – challenging, fast-paced combat
  • Player versus Environment – you and your friends versus relentless AI-controlled enemies
  • Global Operations – large scale battlefield of the future

The introduction of Armored Warfare to Playstation® 4 marks a new chapter in the franchise history. PC players too will receive additional attention as we reaffirm our focus on the future of tank combat.


12 thoughts on “Armored Warfare Coming to PS4

    1. Yeah sure….because Obsidian did such a perfect job…..

      Please dummy, remember that the game started losing players long before Obsidian got fired. So…yeah they’re mostly responsible for it. So fuck off, fanboy.


  1. too bad this wont fix the NA population issues in the slightest hell probly gonna make it worse and make people leave PC for console with better population

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  2. Unless they merge PC and Console users I hardly see how they will make profit out of this.

    Oh but wait, they’re going WG mode now. They will find a way to make profit out of a Nokia 3310 version if they want it.


    1. Not sorcery, stupidity. You should see how much money fanboys spend for every overpriced bundle. I’m reading it in the forum and i’m going O_o


  3. Sad part is that this version will have more players then the PC version will. As PVP there is 100% dead. Unless the forum has a planned event to get people to play it.


  4. They will sell some more overpriced bundles that’s for sure. There’s a lot of stupid people with too much money and free time on their hands who will pay for anything.

    But then what? For how long will THIS one survive? Not long that’s for sure. Unless of course we’re talking about a completely different game.


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