WoT Blitz: KpfPz 70 Gameplay Video



9 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: KpfPz 70 Gameplay Video

      1. IS7 in AW = tier3

        MBT-70 is the bedrock for the Abrams and Leopard 2
        You might as well just go right ahead and say T-80 for tier 9, because that’s the same generation of tank.

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  1. I wish it was in WoT. Tier 10 heavy.

    Moreover, i like the better turret traverse. Something WoT cannot get right or wont for arcade purposes.


  2. tho in PC, I’m guessing they’ll probably attempt to recreate how ungodly fast the damn tank is with all that thicc armor or gimp it to 65, give it agonizingly long aim time, APDS/HEAT/HE (one knows of the 17 pdr’s early APDS having issues but I’ve yet to read or hear of early FSDS rounds being terribad or somefin) assuming that part of the mad shit the Germans were tinkering with had a rifled 120mm in part of the prototypes, make you load like a Maus or E-100 packing the 12.8cm gun, and having a really thin ass hull.

    a heavy ass tank running at 69 km/h with a really beefy turret and potent gun is scary, if not outright OP… and the salt shall flow.


    1. if this tank was to be added it would have better gun handling than any tank ingame , go faster than amx 50b , do same damage as tds , and have more armor than t95
      too op


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