WoT – Grand Battle Q&A

Amway921 went to Minsk to ask some questions, here’s the digest.

  • Contrary to Ranked Battles, the Grand Battle mode will be expanded to other tiers
  • The second map which was readied for GB, The Grand Canyon, was scrapped
  • Devs are testing a sekrit location, which will be revealed soon
  • According to the stats and the devs logic, there’s no ammo shortage in GB. The battles don’t go on for 30 minutes, but yes, sometimes you will fire all your ammo.
  • There’s an increase of TD players in GB
  • The average Bond income is 4.5 per person
  • 1/3rd of the player population plays on abaci weak machines
  • According to WG, only half of the players change anything in the settings. Well then…
  • There are no plans to add medals extending past 15 kills in GB, however there are plans to increase the requirements of the current ones.
  • Patch 9.20 will see the test version of this mode