WoT – Grand Battle Q&A

Amway921 went to Minsk to ask some questions, here’s the digest.

  • Contrary to Ranked Battles, the Grand Battle mode will be expanded to other tiers
  • The second map which was readied for GB, The Grand Canyon, was scrapped
  • Devs are testing a sekrit location, which will be revealed soon
  • According to the stats and the devs logic, there’s no ammo shortage in GB. The battles don’t go on for 30 minutes, but yes, sometimes you will fire all your ammo.
  • There’s an increase of TD players in GB
  • The average Bond income is 4.5 per person
  • 1/3rd of the player population plays on abaci weak machines
  • According to WG, only half of the players change anything in the settings. Well then…
  • There are no plans to add medals extending past 15 kills in GB, however there are plans to increase the requirements of the current ones.
  • Patch 9.20 will see the test version of this mode

15 thoughts on “WoT – Grand Battle Q&A

  1. “Patch 9.20 will see the test version of this mode”

    Like with RB.
    I like how they use the live server as a testing environment ; allowing players to play likely unbalanced modes and rewarding them with a new currency that can purshase barely tested modules.

    Not like we have both a common test server and a sandbox server for testing.
    At the same time sandbox didnt help a whole lot when we see how great balance changes have been since then. Arty has been changed but is still as painful as before, balance 2.0 which was needed has been scraped, new gamemodes we dont need get tested instead of the advertised “significant changes”…


  2. “There are no plans to add medals extending past 15 kills in GB, however there are plans yo increase the requirements of the current ones.”

    Somebody, pls explain me what does THIS mean. The medals we have in 9.19.1 (Top Gun, Radley-Walters’, Pool’s, etc.) won’t be obtainable even if we complete the requirements (6 kills, 8 kills, etc.) Or they will make the Top gun to be 8+ kills and Radley’s 10-11 for example. Or they will make new medals for GBs only


    1. I was wondering this myself.

      And I agree. It would be so much better and easier if they made medals and a tab for GB only.

      At least just add more medals and don’t change the requirements of the old ones.


  3. I just fear the Grand Battles will suffer the same fate as Ranked Battles and that WW1 gimmick mode we had:lots of money and effort put in creating something that will end up not being played…….instead of I don’t know:maybe adding some NEW maps

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  4. why they dont to that GB as separate mode like was rampage mode? now they merge it with random, but remove gun mark calculation, ace tanker and medals also. So in that case, do not calculate WN8 too, cause it will be easy farm when x2 more enemy tanks


    1. 1. WN8 is dead.
      2. WN8 will not be calculated for GB as its statistics are reported as a different mode, not Random Battles.


    2. 1) I’m surprised people still care about WN8, I thought 2017 brought it’s death.
      2) Grand Battles’ stats will probably be shown separately.
      3) Main reason for why it is merged with randoms is to lower the number of tier 10 tanks in queue so tier 8s can have an easier time.


  5. ofc there’s gonna be more TD players, you introduced GB at the same time as you introduced the new chinese TD and foch B, not because GB itself makes players play TD, correlation does not mean causation


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