German Tank Museum Statement on Primo Victoria

The German Tank Museum has provided a statement regarding the release of Primo Victoria. What are your thoughts on this?

Translated from their Facebook page:

Sabaton were here before in the museum and they are generally nice guys. We have cooperated with WoT as well. In addition, the German Tank Museum (DPM) and the Swedish Tank Museum in Enköping are befriended for a long time already. 

Every entry into the theme of Tank History has a legitimate reason to co-exist: the game and the music are for fun, could however also awake a genuine interest in history. The task of the museum is then to deliver the sense of history in a serious way. The division of roles as such makes a cooperation of the entertainment industry and culture institutes [i.e. Museums] fruitful and good.

However, the result of this cooperation; in our opinion; brings up the worst side of such projects: A despicable, sensationsal and cheap work; with no sense of respect whatsoever for the theme “Tank”, “War” or concretely in this case the history of World War II and D-Day in particular. Everything drowns in an orgy of big boy macho fun.

Both WoT and Sabaton always state that despite the fun their music/game brings; it is always important to let the people understand the background of their topic and how to handle the subject matter. Too bad that with this production this has not played any role anymore.

A sad piece of creation.” – Deutsches Panzer Museum

Tomah4wk: Judging from the video, a Swedish Centurion fighting StuG IIIs, Panzer 38s and Panzer IIIs while playing a D-Day song over it is pretty much all that is wrong with this stuff. I tend to agree with the DPM.

48 thoughts on “German Tank Museum Statement on Primo Victoria

  1. Hmmmm, maybe some svastikas would help? Just kidding, I like this Sabaton project and support it! History is history, fun is fun, it\’s best to keep it that way…

    1. Exactly. Fuck the museum history no fun nerd. We play wot to have fun not to remind us of the holocaust. I find it funny when people like museum profiteers think people care what they have to say. They are irrelevant and they are greedy pigs because they put the \”important history life lessons\” behind a paywall. Museums are scams.

    2. Well there is a time to be serious about history and there is a time when you just want to have fun…
      Btw: Why did the DPM even put out a statement about the video?
      Were they involved or were they just whining?

  2. Their statement made me watch the video and it\’s funnier than I thought.. lol

  3. \”Tomah4wk: Judging from the video, a Swedish Centurion fighting StuG IIIs, Panzer 38s and Panzer IIIs while playing a D-Day song over it is pretty much all that is wrong with this stuff.\”
    Yeah, that MM would make anybody disgusted.

  4. Well WG has a fetish to only put german tanks as the ones get destroyed on artworks and videoes.
    Here too in the swedish centurion vid, what is totally dumb and biased because germany and sweden never be enemy. The obvious enemies for sweden should be soviet tanks coz after the war they made tanks to counter soviets if a war happens. Same with the banner when swedish tanks arrived, there was a strv103 which shoot some löwe. A tank what developed against soviets obvioudly.

    But god forbid wg made a vid or artwork where a glorious soviet tank gets destroyed!

      1. Thats a rare example because that video is (surprisingly) about german tanks. Now if you do some research on artworks and stuffs you will see my statement is true 90% of the times.

        1. Fun fact, that Tiger II in the video is actually me.
          Another fun fact, when the script was given nobody had a clue which nationally those tanks were, it was irrelevant. The story that german tanks are cannon fodder while soviets are always the heroes is completely made up in my opinion as I\’ve never really paid attention to it or was asked to do so.

  5. The Sabaton tank is nothing but a money making meme, not connected in any way to fun or history. Even more ridiculous as Sweden was neutral during the 2.WW and did not participate in any actual fighting against German tank troops. Sweden -1 points…

  6. \”We have cooperated with WoT as well.\”

    When? When they told WG to fuck off and not letting them measure the RU 251 because WG is making an ardace game and the players will have a false impression of real war and tank warfare?

    1. There is an anual event called \”Stahl auf der Heide\” where the Museum and WG cooperate

  7. I agree with DPM to a point, but feel that Sabaton and WG both profit from this collaboration. In all honesty before WoT I may have heard 1 Sabaton tune, but since then I have listened to them regularly and bought a few songs of iTunes.

    I agree with WG/Sabaton on the project in that it will most likely have an effect of getting some people into history, tanks, and war, but they didn\’t go about it the right way because it was a bit too glorified.

    And on the comments of \”centurion fighting mid war tanks\”….what\’s WG gonna do….have Prima Victoria kill IS-3\’s? No, Soviet tank too stronk.

    Still buying the tnak out of respect for Sabaton\’s primary message of keeping history alive, even if it is super glorified.

  8. They are right, this metal band has absolutely no connection with WoT what so ever a part from the one WG just created to earn more money.

    Another senseless clown-tank that has no place in this game.

    1. Still more sensible and pleasing to the eyes compared to the Patriot and Liberté… just saying.

      It is a one off promo tank, deal with it. I would rather see these rolling around in a battle then the true camo clown camo Patriot and Liberté…

      1. What, you mean one of those same one-off promo tanks like the Edelweiss or the black editions? Or the Fury? Or the Rudy?

        It\’s never a one off, its more and more of these dumb clown tanks infesting this game.

  9. We have a Russian company, partnered with a Swedish band as they drive a British tank while shooting German tanks. I mean, you can\’t say it\’s not multicultural. But it\’s just a bit of harmless fun to promote a premium.

    Why don\’t they send Remmstein to partner with WG to promote a German premium as it destroys American tanks.

    WG can then partner with Disturbed to promote an American premium by having it destroy Japanese tanks

    Then WG can partner with a Japanese band (sorry, don\’t know many Japanese bands to name one) to promote a Japanese premium by having it destroy Australian tanks

  10. damn, should have said Japanese premium destroying a Chinese premium… and by Chinese premium I obviously mean a Soviet clone… but then would WG let precious stalinium tank be destroyed even if it is only a clone?

    This is the question that haunts me for today

  11. Well, WG missed great opportunity to bring back Berlin map witc would feature Sabaton Attero Dominatus 🙂
    I wonder what would be DPM\’s objection then

  12. sometimes we must have fun and the museum in this state don\’t have to put a message on facebook
    yes the video is fake , not history for sure. In fact they just complains they are german tanks that\’s all….if it was french tanks nobody would have cared …

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