WoT Blitz – ATGM test leak

A supplement to the previous news – a small video

https://vk.com/video251742595_456239067 (you have to click that, WordPress doesn’t allow iframe embedding)


8 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – ATGM test leak

  1. How will I aim with these kind of shells? Right mouse button to autoaim and then fire? Anyway, i am looking forward to this on WoT PC. My Sheridan is desperately waiting


  2. Looks dumb. These appear to be flying themselves at targets not visible from the launcher. In 2017 we have “fire and forget” missiles, back when the Sheridan came out the vehicle had to have a line of sight, halt and steer the missile onto the target. If the wire crossed water or an electric line it would short out and fail. If the wire broke it would fail. If your target shot you while you were sitting there steering the missile you died, because shells are faster than ATGMs.
    But I guess I am a grognard, let the kids have fun with shiny new things.


    1. I didn’t realize that! It had an infrared tracker, which Wiki describes as similar to a TV remote control: the gunner sent course corrections to the missile in flight. However the minimum range of the Shillelagh was 800 meters! And firing the gun with a conventional round tended to disable the missile electronics which were fragile. In any even the gunner had to have direct line of sight- there was no firing around hills as the video suggests. Shillelagh was so complex it was never deployed in Vietnam and was a victim of it’s own complexity and fragility : “Because the system was so advanced, the development of the Shillelagh was fraught with problems. Ford Aeronautic underestimated the complexity of the task of designing a missile as advanced as this, and there were major problems with the propellant, igniter, tracker and infrared command link of the missile.”


    1. If you are even a Blitz player you will know this is no fake shit…. Many leaks already said that it’s coming… I got my hands on the 4.1 release files and it contains ATGM parameters…. TBD got their leak from premature post on the Official Portal (which should be still cached in Google Web Cache)

      Other sources like BlitzNews also confirmed the existance of ATGM mechanics…..

      If it’s only ONE source you would be right to call that “fake as shit”
      but if it’s more than one source then you might have to reconsider that


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