WoT Blitz – ATGMs coming?

Our friendly neighborhood author Maddoxkkm has been poking into the Blitz files and has found the following



Notice the isATGM parameter. Since WoT Blitz seems to be the sandbox for future WoT PC/Console features, there’s a chance that soon we might see the rocket’s red glare ;)

We War Thunder now.


30 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – ATGMs coming?

  1. Yup, MGM-51 aka Shillelagh ATGM. Strange, but interesting. Opens the door for a lot of vehicles but tbh there isn’t really anything in WoT that can stop such a thing…maybe a select few spaced armor heavies.


    1. War Thunder’s population has actually stagnated and hardly increased at all. Its past its prime and will slowly start to lose popularity.


        1. for few years im watching it, along with posting on forums and speaking with few persons.

          game have less players than during it peak (100-80k online normally), ATM is more at stalemate amount of players don’t increase nor decrease on average over longer time period.

          all comes to Gaijin if they will push further more content or finally fix issues.


  2. As I’ve said before and will say again the main reasons I still play this game are social…and to see what whack-job thing happens next!


  3. ++++ Since WoT Blitz seems to be the sandbox for future WoT PC/Console features, there’s a chance that soon we might see the rocket’s red glare ;) ++++

    Since than Blitz is the sandbox for future WoT PC features?

    +1 MM? Special Crew Perks? Premium that can train more nations? Boosts that turn your tank into premium tank? Maps?

    Just help me to understand what features are new, that become introduced to Blitz and made it to the PC.


      1. Thats sounds like the proof that they really use Blitz as Playground for new upcoming features. Wow. I heared that they tried new font size & style for their UI, might come to PC as well. Lets see.


  4. Currently, the only tank in game that historically fired ATGMs is the Sheridan. So I hardly see the point of introducing them, unless they’re intending on extending the tiers or something.

    Though, I suppose they could feasibly introduce the M60A2 Starship if they wanted, which has the same gun.


      1. Wait! You mean to tell me T-100 actually existed? I cant believe that. So much armour with so little wait, so flat and so much gun depression. That thing can’t be real


  5. That’s gonna look terrible in game. WG hasn’t updated the shell graphics ever. The shells are still physically 1 pixel large.


  6. sandbox? 90% of the stuff Blitz does never leaves blitz. As most of the unique stuff there only works on their smaller maps and 7 vs 7 style. As their Malinovka is 450m x 450m, heck even mines is smaller. You gotta remember that most guns have more pen and alpha there vs PC. Their HP pool is way way higher, as even tier 1 has 300+ HP. And the IS-6 has a 200+ pen gun.

    I can see derp ATGM work on their maps and the faster paced style they go for vs PC. As their matches usually are over in 4 min, faster paced, and not many camping it out for 15 min. That and only some of their “unique” premiums, have only gone to the SEA sever so far. But most never even leave Blitz at all. So don’t get your “hopes” to high up. I know WOT PC has a new dev team vs 2 years ago, so you never really know. But I still doubt it.


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