Caernarvon & Conqueror: More Pictures of Supertest Armor Changes

Instead of WG’s way of showing you the armor changes, here you can see them on the 3D models themselves:



11 thoughts on “Caernarvon & Conqueror: More Pictures of Supertest Armor Changes

  1. So both the tier 9 conqueror and the Tier 10 “super” conqueror will get spaced turret armor?

    So what’s the difference between the tier 9 conqueror and the Tier 10 super conqueror?

    Imo, there’s nothing special with the tier 10 super conqueror compared to the tier 9 conqueror. Like: there’s no big upgrade….

    I want the Chieftain Mk.6


    1. it’s a different turret on the “Super Conqueror”. You can tell tell the main difference from the low profile commanders cupola on it. It also has spaced armor on the UFP.

      Unfortunately WG decided to give the “Super Conqueror” weaker frontal and side turret armor (279/89 vs the documented 342/177)

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      1. The ‘Super Conqueror’ is not using the turret that Listy found. As per his article: The gunner has been moved to the enlarged cupola, so the gunner and the commander are side by side.

        This is not the case in the ‘Super Conqueror’ turret. It is either an exceedingly poor fabrication (they had a picture, how could they have messed it up?) or a different turret entirely.

        In either case, it is not the turret, therefore the documented 342/177 ‘protection’ values are not to be considered.


        1. well it’s most certainly not the current Conqueror turret, that’s for damn sure:

          It bares a striking resemblance to the turret Listy found but I agree that there are also differences. Most notably the out cropping on the right side of the turret, the gun mantlet and, to an extent, the cupola

          As for armor thickness… WG doesn’t give a fuck about that shit. I’m well aware of how thick the turret is meant to be and am not surprised in the least that WG nerfed it to shit. The frontal thickenss (279mm) is fine but they could have at least given it the side armor of the FV215b (152mm) instead of the pathetic 89mm

          It’s honestly just another case of WG taking a design and altering it how they want. I mean, look at the T110 tanks: The E3 and E5 have the wrong hull front, the E5 has the wrong cupola and the E4 was a WG concoction of the E3 and E5. it’s not the first time WG have done whatever they want and it wont be the last


      1. Yeah the side armor buff is the only relevant thing imo
        the rurret from the front is not going to be penetrated anyway…


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